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  1. The reason VO got confused was because you were not able to give client details. I understand your employer gives you the project for different client, however he wants to know current client situation which you are not able to give because you are in India.
  2. kumar_y

    H1b Visa Stamp - Ammended H1B

    Any time you change the client or company ( including some company acquiring it ) you need to file for amendment.
  3. kumar_y

    Need Client address on DS forms?

    I don't think you need client address on the DS 160 forms, however you need to specify the employer address for sure. The only place you need to provide the client address is I-129 application and some times in client letter. Hope this helps
  4. kumar_y

    Canadian TRV ( Visiting Visa)

    Guys, Does it mean any difference if you apply in person or online?
  5. Hello Everyone, I am planing for Canadian visiting visa and I was wondering whether walk-ins are accepted or not? Can anyone of you please advise. Thanks, Kumar
  6. kumar_y

    Canadian TRV ( Visiting Visa)

    Thank you both of you for prompt response. Please correct me if I am wrong so I can go anytime I want with all the proper documentation without any appointment right?