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  1. kumar_y

    is internship considered as employment?

    Raj, You need to copy of I-129 petition which was approved and part of H-1B. Yes always be truthful to visa officer is my advise to you.
  2. kumar_y

    Waiting on PIMS Update!

    Idk whether this help you or not .. Do ask your client point of contact to check there junk emails.. Sometimes it can also go to there junk ...
  3. kumar_y

    Waiting on PIMS Update!

    Did the consulate contacted your client/employer?
  4. You can always try to reach Ottawa consulate and asking for PIMS update I guess. But you should go attend the visa interview and get stamping done. If any problem regarding PIMS happens, consulate it will take care of that and will ask you to wait for few days.
  5. kumar_y

    221g white at Kolkata consulate

    If the case has change the status and assuming there was no technical problem. They will be contacting you soon via email and will ask to submit the passport or they will ask for additional information.
  6. kumar_y

    DS160 question on immigration petition?

    This means you have started the green card process ... If your I-140 is approved you will say yes.. other wise no
  7. I don't think so length of project will affect your stamping. The important thing you need to think about is if the case of 221-G, the consulate can reach the contact information provided in the client letter. And your reporting manager can answer the questionnaire's.
  8. kumar_y

    H1B Extension Doubt:: Help

    Rajesh, You will need to take new I-797 petition. Please remember that I-94 is your status and you will give back the new I-94 in POE (considering your stamping was successful)..
  9. Whatever you have heard in the forum/ anywhere they must have got petition approved long time back. The most it can happened thinking your stamping got approved will be you need to wait for 4-5 days :)
  10. kumar_y

    is internship considered as employment?

    Yes. But how many hours are doing on Internship? If you are doing 40 hours a week and than its FT position other you need to specify as part time. Are you on H1b?
  11. Your salary cannot be less than the amount mention in the LCA and that is one of the minimum requirement for H1-b. I believe you should contact DOL if you were paid less and your employer is shady.
  12. kumar_y

    H1B Visa Extension in Canada

    My Questions: 1) Is it suggest-able to go to canada for extension visa or shall I do it from my home country India You can any where you like.. 2) I am in same client and employer...my petition is same...Am I eligible for visa waver program ie drop box in canada Yes since your H1b expires on Jan 2014, so you are eligible for drop box till Jan 2015 3) If My extension visa is rejected in oct 2013, as I have valid first H1B visa till 2014 Jan, can I come back to USA from canada with first H1B visa or even My first h1b visa will also be revoked if the extension is rejected.. If you are H-1B is rejected and you can apply for MTR/ reopen the case .. If the petition is cancelled you will be out of status I believe ...
  13. Any time you change client place you need to file amendment. However in your case you are outside of US. You better have advise with your attorney
  14. kumar_y

    H1 B stamp India-Delhi

    I think if you were involved in same situation, than your employer was the one you contacted.. You can have the appt where you want .. India, Canada, anywhere .. The thing you should think about is whether you are eligible for drop box ,,, H4 visa for your spouse will also applied by your company and not by you..
  15. I doubt it you are eligible for first time stamping in Mexico. You always eligible for stamping extension/ renewal... http://travel.state.gov/visa/temp/types/types_1271.html
  16. kumar_y

    h1b stamping

    I forgot to add one point.. You can only apply new H-1 if you are withdrawing the old petition...
  17. kumar_y

    h1b stamping

    Latha, - Petitioner’s letter to U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS). I-129 along with letter sent to USCIS ( Your employer should give you this) - Petitioner’s Corporate Tax Returns Form 1120 (all pages) for 2012. Company Tax returns ( again given by E) - Summary of Petitioner’s W2 Tax returns for 2012. ADP or payroll can give this to your Employer - Full list of H1B employees, place of work, salary, start/end date. This is the list given by your employer which will have info job location, salary, when started, job designation - Detailed description of the work you will be undertaking, where and for whom. This is the client letter... Hope this helps
  18. kumar_y

    H1 stamping in india

    Yes after the visa expiration and within one year period you are eligible for drop box ... To be sure you can always visit consulate website . http://hyderabad.usconsulate.gov/howtoapply/interview-waiver-program.html Interview Waiver for H1-B and Individual L1-A and L1-B Visa Holders If you hold an H1-B or Individual L1-A or L1-B visa that is still valid or expired within the last 12 months, you may qualify for the Interview Waiver Program. To qualify, the petitioner must be the same as on your initial visa, however, the end client need not be the same. You must present a current, valid I-129, LCA, Petitioner Letter to USCIS and pay slips showing your salary for the preceding three (3) months.
  19. MTR is not the status I believe. You better take advise of immigration attorney
  20. kumar_y

    H1 B stamp India-Delhi

    Hi Sana, You should be all fine, just to be on safe side have previous pay stuffs, W-2 and experience letters. Also do explain the same thing you posted in forum and I am sure everything will be fine...
  21. Hi Murali, Unless its criminal offense or you went to jail for that... you should be fine :)
  22. kumar_y

    H1b Amendment

    What was the RFE about?
  23. kumar_y

    H1 stamping in india

    No one can what issues you can face.. You are not eligible for drop box for sure because it has been close to 3 yrs since your stamping expired..
  24. kumar_y

    Regarding Per Diem

    I agree per diem is not part of salary. Unless you have traveling job like via flight, car only than you will be getting reimburse. Otherwise your employer is shady