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  1. kumar_y

    H1B stamping in India, Clarification required

    My employer has filed my H1B petition as in-house project in their company. My H1B is approved and am yet to go for stamping in India. My employer is asking me to work for a new client instead of in-house project. I have got client letter as well from the new client. Here is my question: 1.) My H1B petition was filed as in-house project. Can I go for stamping with the new client letter instead of in-house project? Will there be any issues? 2.) Will there be any rejection if I go for stamping as in-house project (I mean, if I don't have any client letter) ? 1) Was your petition approved? If you are working for new client why you are thinking about in house project? 2) Again if you answer 1 you will get the answer for 2
  2. kumar_y

    toronto 221g yellow

    If the client was contacted then you will hear from consulate very soon like 1-2 weeks I guess about the decision
  3. kumar_y

    H1B extension

    You cannot come back if you go for stamping and your case is under 221G.
  4. kumar_y

    toronto 221g yellow

    That's fine. Since they took your I797 they will do the verification like background, employer credential etc etc and will send email to you as soon the decision is made
  5. kumar_y

    Speeding ticket

    You mean to say it came in your driving history record. Since you were not convicted or went to jail the answer to that question is NO.
  6. kumar_y

    H1b 221g white slip email from fpu

    what are the documents asked to you when you were given 221-g?
  7. There is no guarantee that you will get same date, however why you are worried about the cost? Your employer will take care of those things, if not compliant to DOL and change the employer
  8. kumar_y

    toronto 221g yellow

    They are doing background check on your employer.. Are you working in EVC or FT? Was your wife under H4?
  9. kumar_y

    Speeding ticket

    There is no question about speeding ticket in DS-160 form. However if you were taken to prison for speeding due to XX reason and you have to mention yes in the column where it says have you ever convicted ...
  10. If you were taken to jail or convicted to something than you may have problem. Otherwise your stamping will not have any problems
  11. Hi, I am sorry to hear about situation. Since you never got paid when you were on bench or due to personal issue. If you were sick/ in hospital you need to provide the proof for your supporting documents. You may also need to take the advise from immigration attorney. Currently consulate thinks that your employer is shady and that's why you got the email from FPU (Fraud Prevention Unit)
  12. kumar_y

    H1B stamping -please help

    I don't think that should be problem. I believe some times you may have to be onsite for meeting or any big issue or migration etc etc .. Just explain the facts to VO and you should be fine
  13. kumar_y

    Visa interview: work off-site questions

    You will be asked question like who do you report? Who do you submit status report? Who has right of work? Who can fire you etc etc .. Hope this helps...
  14. kumar_y

    DS160 monthly salary

    New salary you need to mention and tell them the truth
  15. kumar_y

    Applied for Canada visa. A quick question.

    Hi. when is your current I-797 expiring? Canada visa can take about 3-4 weeks time easily . Yes Jamaica doesn't require any visiting visa. however you need to show them return ticket or else they will make your buy one for going to India. ( One person posted very good experience in forum. Please refer there)
  16. kumar_y

    Visa interview: work off-site questions

    I changed my employer and travelling to India next month. I will be going for stamping interview. I work at my employer's head office & location in my LCA has this address Thanks good you are working as EC Model The project I am working on is for client. I only visit client office (at State B) rarely & otherwise I work from my employer's head office. It's not EVC model (no vendor in between my employer/me and end client) As I said you are working as EC model and you can easily employer- employee relationship. Always tell the truth to VO how often do you visit client location and how do you commute. I report to my employer (manager) and participate in client calls for the project (from off-site) Good you can explain EE relationship I will be getting email from my client (as they don't provide any letter format), employment verification letter from my employer, my client ID card, any other client emails for proof Have the all the documentation like PO, SOW, client letter( have the email has proof because client is not wiling provide letter) Questions: 1. Can you please let me know what questions will be asked during visa interview as I work off-site? what ever you are doing in house project as the truth 2. Also please let me know what supporting documents that I need to carry to the interview?
  17. kumar_y

    H1B stamping in chennai

    PO means purchase order , SOW --Statement of work
  18. kumar_y

    H1B extension - India wedding - Visa renewal

    You can file for extension 6 months prior to expiration. Better safe than sorry
  19. kumar_y

    H1B stamping in chennai

    I have to go to india on Nov 1st week. If I go, I have to attend the visa.stamping in Chennai. Now, 1. My client won't give client letter but an email for supporting my responsibilities from my client director can be obtained. client letter is important,however you need print out saying client doesn't provide client letter 2. Will US shutdown have impact to USCIS in chennai? Please check the forum for this.. I doubt it this will have any impact. 3. My previous employer didn't gave me an experience letter. if you have paystuff or W-2 of previous employer that's enough .. so if you are sign and attest copy of co-worker saying you work in previous company 4. W2, pay stub, passport, previous employer all confirmation letters, vendor contract letter, H1 petition - is there any other document I needto have? you also need to have SOW and PO 5. Is there someone who gone chennai has recent insight of my situation? every consulate is same 6. Do I need any other legal documents with me? You already have everything 7. I need to schedule a interview with consulate for Nov-2nd week. How, what I need to do to set it up? Please check the consulate website for info. You need to appear twice I believe.
  20. kumar_y

    Issues with DS 160

    Always say the TRUTH
  21. kumar_y

    ds 160 employment history

    Fill the date you joined the company and the end date will be expiration date mention in your I-797
  22. It shouldn't be much for problem. Just explain to VO you were working for 3 yrs as contracted and than had the offer of FT
  23. kumar_y

    DS-160 question on Employment History

    Well who ever is your sponsor he should run your payroll. You need to mention all the companies you worked in the past
  24. kumar_y

    221g - Client Letter (H1B)

    You cannot for stamping because your current petition is under admin-processing (221-G). The only way of attending the stamping again will be if you are withdrawing the previous petition and apply for the new H1-b
  25. kumar_y

    Per diem

    If you are not traveling or commuting anywhere how he is running perdiem for you? You better change your employer....