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  1. kumar_y

    221G - Ottawa Need further review

    I believe they are doing client verification in your case. It will be nice if you want can wait for atleast 1-2 weeks. The problem is there is no specific time frame for 221-G's.
  2. kumar_y

    221(g) White Slip

    what were documentation refer to you in 221-G? If nothing was asked then they are doing the background verification for you or your employer
  3. kumar_y

    221g Vancouver 28th Oct

    There is no specific time frame, however I am thinking you should be all set in few weeks ...
  4. kumar_y

    Vancouver-Canada-221G issued on 10/25/2013

    Well you should just wait and hear from consulate if they are asking for any other documentation? What's your major?
  5. kumar_y

    Administrative Processing - Ottawa, CA

    To best of my knowledge your visa is approved.. Because of system glitch it's taking little longer and very soon you will get the email saying take or submit the passport at XX location
  6. kumar_y

    H1b VISA stamping in HYDERBAD INDIA

    Pjeendru, I understand what you are explaining here. Since you have client letter and all the other documentation you should be fine. Just have solid client letter explaining EE relationship and you will be all set
  7. kumar_y

    221g PINK SLIP

    I am sorry to hear about both of your situation. The problem with 221G is there is no fixed amount of time mention by any consulate. It can be from 2 weeks to months.. Mostly when 221G is issued they asked for documentation or they are doing the back ground verification on you as well as the credibility of the employer.
  8. kumar_y

    H1b VISA stamping in HYDERBAD INDIA

    You should be fine as long as you have proper documentation and you should wait for the extension and than plan for stamping. One more thing its always nice to have the badge scan copy and photos of the cubicle in the office ( the reason I say that because you are working as remote)
  9. Having the client is letter always make the case strong, however if you have proof of email than just take the printout of the email and make sure that you are telling your manager/HR that they may get the email from the consulate.
  10. kumar_y

    221g Vancouver

    Sorry to hear about your situation. Why were you reimburse every month? I believe your employer was running perdiem for you.. If you were doing travelling job than you can show all the hotel, flight and car rental bill.. If not than I am sorry you have wait for the response from the consulate.
  11. It can be problem. Because in this case VO wants to contact your client how he/she reach the client? One of the way will be for VO will be by contacting HR of your company I think. It will be better you have all in the info in the client letter just to be on the safe side.
  12. Just the say TRUTH. Saying you work for company A for xx period and joined company B after that
  13. There is chance that they can give your valid stamping at the same date as the expiration of passport.
  14. Once you have completed the DS 160 form you cannot edit it again. You need to apply for new DS 160 form with updated petition number and do the same thing for making the appointment I believe.
  15. kumar_y

    H1 B 221(g) in Hyderabad on 23rd Oct

    Sorry to hear about your situation, but VO don't give any clarification about 221G. What ever information they want either will be asked in email or phone.
  16. kumar_y

    Client Letter - Question

    You should be fine
  17. kumar_y

    H1B stamping question

    It should not be problem, however it always better to have at least few pay stuffs to be on the safe side.
  18. How many PayStubs is it advisable to take 6months to 1 yr Do we need to show any timesheets and how many You need show status reports atleast 3-4 months Is it okay if we show Last 2 years W2/Tax Return or do we need to show entire length of stay in US? Have all the W-2 from the time you started working How many Bank Statements do we need to show. Is it advisable to highlight Direct Deposits and what is the best way to do i 6-12 months min
  19. kumar_y

    DS160- Immigrant Petition Question

    If your I-140 is approved you can say otherwise NO
  20. kumar_y

    LCA Question

    You can always discuss with your company attorney. There are cases in which people have applied for H-1B extension ( who got max out of 6 yrs) with pending LCA.
  21. kumar_y

    LCA Question

    You can't use old LCA with old office address. You need to wait till your LCA is approved.
  22. kumar_y

    Stamping outside India

    Visa stamping has nothing to do with Gov shutdown ....
  23. kumar_y

    H1b visa 221g white slip Ottawa

    Sorry to hear about your situation. You cannot do anything apart from waiting for the consulate to contact your client point of contact
  24. kumar_y

    H1B Renewal In Tijuana Mexico

    You cannot come back with old visa if you are getting 221-G 2)Do I need to take Mexico Visa? I am planning to drive from San diego Yes you need visiting visa I believe 3)Please share your experiences if anyone went to Tijuana for h1b renewal stamp. You have to search in this forum
  25. kumar_y

    221g Chennai Blue Slip

    Hi, Sorry to hear about your 221G case, however that is system glitch for sure because you have the passport with you. You have to wait until consulate contact you via email or phone. For more clarification you can send email to Chennai consulate asking the same thing.