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  1. kumar_y

    Canada visiting visa form US

    1.Can i get the visiting visa approvals with out valid visa stamp on passport but valid H1B -I797? Yes... 2.Can i go to Jamaica for H1B stamping under this circumstances. Which circumstances are you talking about?? You don't need any visa for visiting Jamica.. only need round trip ticket and required documents for stamping 3.And what kind of document's required for apply Canada visiting visa ? Please check the Canada visiting documents you need can see the list. Supporting Documents Itinerary, Travel IMM5257E Family Information (IMM5645) Proof of income Proof of Means of Financial Support Passport or travel document Digital Photo Travel History Employment reference letterInvitation Letter Supporting Doc uments
  2. kumar_y

    Help needed in filling DS160 form

    The answer is NO. If your I-140 was approved then the answer is YES.
  3. why is your personal address is different?? Are you working remote project?? Where is your payroll being run? You don't need amendment if you never changed the client location,,,
  4. kumar_y

    Help needed in filling DS160 form

    If your I-140 is approved the answer is YES, otherwise NO
  5. kumar_y

    Travel to Canada! Help

    Iternary travel document can be tentative date and you can use anything like kayak and take the print out and do the scan of it. Purpose of visit is you are going to meet friend or stamping you are better person to answer that. Always speak the truth.
  6. kumar_y

    Travel to Canada! Help

    Yes stamping and visiting visa ( Canada) are two different things. To get stamping in canada you need to have visiting visa first. If your stamping gets rejected you can't come back to USA and to enter USA to need to have new petition applied.
  7. kumar_y

    Travel to Canada! Help

    To enter the Canada you need to have the visiting visa first ( For meeting friend or going for stamping)
  8. kumar_y

    Is this refusal or Still Pending?

    Sorry to hear about your case. But your petition has been cancelled. You need to contact your attorney who will ask USCIS to open the case or else you need to filed for new petition.
  9. Both are your I-129 and LCA address should match. If the LCA has the different address than ask your employer to file for new LCA ... If it is other way around than you have to filed for the amendment.
  10. Contact customer care about this. They will reset your record field..
  11. Hi, I am facing little weird situation on my side. I am trying to book the appointment in Canada consulate and I am not able to book the appointment in any of the consulate. I have already made the MRV fee payment of 190$. However when ever I click on the Schedule the appointment again it is asking to pay 190$. ( https://usvisa-info.com/en-CA/selfservice/ss_country_welcome) Did anyone of you faced the similar problem, I have already contacted the help desk for this problem. Any advise is appreciated.
  12. I got the solutions. You can discard this questions..
  13. Without stamping you cannot go back to USA. You need to go your home country and get stamped. Once you are on H-1b your F-1 visa is no longer valid.
  14. You can get stamped in the home country which in this case is India
  15. kumar_y

    DS 160 Help

    So mention the client place address.
  16. kumar_y

    DS 160 Help

    @Pkk where are working now? Client place or employer?
  17. kumar_y

    H1b date

    I think in Ottawa it will be .. https://usvisa-info.com/en-CA/selfservice/ss_country_welcome check here if you have account or else create one.
  18. kumar_y

    H1b date

    Yes. If you have to check the dates frequently as many people are booking the appointments
  19. kumar_y

    H1B stamping in house project

    If you have proper documentation everything should be fine.
  20. kumar_y

    DS 160 Help

    If you work at client location mention the client location address.
  21. kumar_y

    Would this be an issue ?

    When going for stamping you can always use your approved extended I-797
  22. kumar_y

    ds 160 dout

    Yes you have to mention that in the DS 160. Always tell the TRUTH, remember it will take much time for VO to pull up your history on his screen.
  23. kumar_y

    Whats the number to call Ottawa Embassy

    This is info I saw in the website. https://usvisa-info.com/en-CA/selfservice/us_visa_denied Ottawa Only: If an applicant received a 221(g) and needs to provide more documents, the applicant may provide his/her documents: by email to Ottawacons@state.gov by fax to 613-688-3082 by mail to P.O. Box 866 Station B Ottawa, ON K1P 5T1 or in person from 2:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m., Monday through Thursday
  24. kumar_y

    Is it correct time for H1B stamping?

    You should know the decision in 15 working days I believe excluding Gov holidays. http://www.uscis.gov/forms/how-do-i-use-premium-processing-service
  25. kumar_y

    Is it correct time for H1B stamping?

    As Jairichi suggested. You can upgrade to Premium processing and you will have the decision in 15 days ...