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  1. kumar_y

    DS160 Doubt

    The answer is yes. They should given you 221G or reason of denial. Remember always speak TRUTH.
  2. kumar_y

    DS-160 form Question

    Once you submitted the DS160 and got the confirmation you can't edit it. Just create the new and update in the appointment.
  3. 1. That should not be problem because many client don't give letter just have the print out saying the same. 2. The most important thing you need think here you don't have layers and worse scenario you will get 2015 otherwise till the validity of I-797. You should be fine
  4. kumar_y

    H1B renewal stamping question

    It should be the same as before. You need to pay the fees fill up DS160 form and book the appointment. You don't need separate finger printing appointment as well it will be done in the consulate if required.
  5. kumar_y

    Expenses Paid - But paying by personal check

    What do you mean personal cheque? Do you travel client side every week?
  6. @ Mr I understood the question. Still answer is NO. Since you filed for new visa which was valid for XX to YY date. The new visa will automatically supersede the previous F-1 Visa. Same thing holds truth in the case of H-1B stamping as well
  7. 1) unless rejected with 221G then answer YES. In your case answer is NO 2) You have mentioned first Masters and add another tab saying about the second Masters 3) Also, when the VO asks me if I have Masters from the States, what I should I be mentioning? Just Yes or "Double Masters"? You should Yes and then explains double masters if asked. Always say the TRUTH.
  8. kumar_y

    Canadian Visa for stamping

    If you are for company work you can always apply for business visa. Your personal work you need to apply for visiting visa first.
  9. kumar_y

    H1B- what if visa not stamped?

    Once your H-1b starts all other status like CPT, F-1 are cancelled without prejudice. If the visa is cancelled you have to return to your home country and apply for new one if you want to come back to US again.
  10. kumar_y

    DS160 incorrect update

    Yes always say TRUTH.Create the new DS 160 form with all correct and updated information.
  11. kumar_y

    Sep 2 - Calgary H1B stamping experience

    Did you guys received the passport?
  12. kumar_y

    H1B DS-160. Please Help

    1) Previous US Travel Information- We had traveled to Canada via road and come back to US last year. Should I include this? 2) Immigration petition- My PERM has been processed and my compnay has filed i140 to recapture my priority date. Unless your I-140 is approved ... Immigration petition is not filed 3) Immediate relative- Should we not mention that our spouse is in the US as we both are getting it stamped at the same time? In the DS 160 it is mention saying are traveling alone or with someone 4) Address of spouse ? US address For h4's ds160, should I mention my husbands US adress or address as per passport Yes 5) Previous employment - My husband has been working for 7 years with the same company.HE has held several postions within the same company. No Need same employer
  13. If you are in H1-B and your pay is less than LCA , then you are out of status and find better employer first a fall. When working in OPT there is nothing called as LCA, it only applies when you are working on H-1B
  14. kumar_y

    H1-B Stamping - Pay Stub Issue

    The amount you are getting paid is more then the specified amount mentioned in the LCA, you should be fine. Regarding the payroll mistake ask your employer to mentioned the same thing in writing or some amendment letter.
  15. How to reach you? My email is in profile section
  16. A) All Consulates are same. b) Yes you need to carry along necessary documents and that includes I-140 original copy. c) Good you have client letter. I doubt it you will get the PO easily , however you can always get the vendor letter.
  17. kumar_y

    Evidence for I140 approval?

    If your I-140 approved, you should carry the original/copy of the approval. Always carry all the necessary documents
  18. @sow_visa your chances are very for approval. I am sorry to hear that you got 221G, however your case will be cleared soon.
  19. kumar_y

    LCA amendment

    You need amendment for sure. When I said amendment meaning H-1B amendment.
  20. kumar_y

    Gross salary is less compared to LCA (Urgent)

    You Gross amount have to be more than the amount specified in the LCA. I doubt it you can justified yourself for getting less than amount specified in the LCA. You better find new employer for yourself.
  21. kumar_y

    H1B Ammendenment Mandatory?

    To best of my knowledge you need amendment because you are changing the client to different state. You can always reach out to your company attorney for further clarification.
  22. kumar_y

    H1B Ammendenment Mandatory?

    1) You need amendment for sure because you have changed the client location. 2) Why would show LCA - A when you are working LCA-B company?
  23. kumar_y

    H1B Visa Appointment before Approval...

    Yes you can book the appointment if you have approval notice date and EAC number ..
  24. kumar_y

    Visa Stamping at Ottawa

    You don't need start date in the client letter, but you do need start date in your offer letter
  25. kumar_y

    Question on Passport

    You need to contact the customer care regrading this issue. Also if you are paying the MRV fee again you will not be getting refunded. Try to reach and they can help you out. Visa Information Service <info@usvisa-info.com>