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  1. Winning spirit

    H1B extension denied, wife on H1, 8th year extension

    In case my employer decides not to file my new H1B, can some other employer file that for me?
  2. Winning spirit

    H1B extension denied, wife on H1, 8th year extension

    I do not have the denial letter yet. My attorney is saying that I should go to India. Then file a new H1B based on 1 year pending PERM, get it stamped and then come back. I am worried about stamping. Are any of the below options better. 1. If I file COS from H1 to H4, and simultaneously file my new H1B petition in Premium Processing and when I get H1B petition approved then revoke the COS to H4. This way I might be able to save trip to India and H1B stamping complications. If the H1B gets approved with the need for stamping, I can then travel for a week to India and get the visa stamped. Also, that way in case the H1B petition is not favorable, I am not stuck in India. Is this a possibility? If so, what are the complications. 2. If I find some university that does F1 for Masters that might be faster than COS to H4(COS from H1 to H4 takes 6-8 weeks I believe) and I will not be out of status. Once I get F1 then we can apply for H1B and change my studies to distance learning so I can get back to work. Is this a possibility? If so, what are the complications.
  3. Winning spirit

    H1 - H4 Urgent help!!!

    We are in similar situation. Pls let us know what your attorney advised.
  4. Hi, My H1B extension is denied while recapturing time spent outside of the country. I do not have the refusal reason yet. I do not have my I-140 approved, perm pending more than a year. My wife is on H1B. What are my options? Please advise asap. Thanks
  5. Winning spirit

    Interview Waiver Program for H visa holders

    I have the following questions. Any help is very much appreciated. 1. My last visa was stamped in Nov 2011 in Mumbai consulate. I do not remember whether I was ten printed. How do I find out? 2. I qualify for IWP. Do I need any appointment for the dropbox submission or just walkin? If appointment is required, does anyone know the current wait times in Mumbai consulate? Thanks!
  6. Hi, I have one PERM that was in audit and denied in 2012. My employer filed another PERM in December 2012 and I got an audit on it on April 23, 2013. My H1 is expiring in October 2013. I have already been more than 6 years on H1. Is there any way I can get extension. My wife is on H1 also. What are my options? Please advise. Thanks.