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  1. winson

    TN Visa rejected twice

    Thanks for the reply. I will try to contact the attorney.
  2. winson

    TN Visa rejected twice

    Hi All, I have been working in U.S for 7 yrs with different employers. I never got any problem getting or renew my TN every time. This time I got a new job with slightly different job description when I went to the Rainbow Bridge officer told me my offer letter is too thin which mean lacking of job description he asked me to change it or he wants to see more detail description so I went back to the employer and add more detail to my offer letter. I went back to the same border "Rainbow" Bridge I got denied again by the different office this time why officer search my job posting on the employer website and found out that whatever the job posting is not relevant to my job title as "computer system analyst" so I did not get the TN visa to work for that opening. At this time what should I do to get my visa? should I go to different border and try it? what are my options now? Please someone help me to get this straight. Thanks,