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  1. Sorry .. I think incomplete topic was posted accidentally. Here is the complete post and my concerns. Hi All, I need your help. Me and my wife(Primary applicant) applied for i485. i131 and i765 and USCIS received the application on Oct 8th 2015. We had our biometrics done on Nov 3rd. On Nov 25th our case was transferred to Nebraska Service Centre. Their processing time currently seems to be 3 months. My concerns, - Has anyone with similar time frame has had their case transferred to Nebraska and has there been any updates since ? - It already been about 2 months since we applied, will NSC take 3 months from the time they received our application ? - Anyone has had an approval on their EAD and AP with around my timelines. We have are planning a trip back home in Feb 2016. What do you guys think, will we get our approval for AP before that ? Thanks for reading through.
  2. Hi All, I need your help. Meand my wife(primary applicant) applied for i485, i131 and i765 and USCIS received our application on Oct 8th 2015. We had our biometrics done on Nov 3rd. On Nov 25h our case was transferred to Nebraska service centre. Their processing time currently seems to be 3months. My concerns,
  3. Hi All, My wife who is born in Nepal got her i140 approved last week. We were getting ready to file our i485 when yesterday we realised that her passport reflects her place of birth as Kathmandu where as she filled out 'Biratnagar'(also in Nepal) as her place of birth in all her applications to USCIS including PERM and i140. Anybody here knows what can be done or have been in similar situation or know someone who has been in similar situation ? Her company lawyer is on maternity leave and seldom answers email, hence i am here seeking your help. I hope we dont have to file PERM and i140 again. Does anyone know if we can amend i140 or if this is considered as 'material change' ? Thanks for your help.
  4. Opted by Premium processing. Status finally changed from 'Case Received' to 'Request For Premium Processing Services Was Received' after 7 1/2 months. Let me know your updates.
  5. Nothing yet ... Employer would upgrade to premium processing only in Aug. When did you apply monty4u ??
  6. Thanks Scofield. The duties are the same. I think i would be fine but will check with my lawyer. Thanks...
  7. Hi All, Like many of you i recently changed client while working on H1B. I was working for Client X in Providence, RI and now moved to Client Y in Boston. Both of these belong to the same Metropolitan Statistical Area(MSA) and i did not change my employer. Does this qualify as a 'Material Change' which would require an H1b amendment to be filed ? Anyone in similar situation ? Let me know how it was handled or it needs to be handled ? Appreciate your replies/inputs. Thank you, Soy
  8. Enigmatic, have you raised a service request or thinking of premium processing ?
  9. Thank you guys !! We are planning on waiting for one more week before we proceed with the premium processing. Hopefully we will have some update soon. Will keep you all posted.
  10. Hi All, Just wanted to track the approvals of i140. My wife's i140 case was received by USCIS on dec 22nd and there has been no activity since. A service request was opened at the end of June and there has been no change in status. Any body else is similar situation/timeframe. Pls share your approval dates and service request dates(if made any) Country of Birth(wife's)- Nepal -Soyuj
  11. As asked by the visa officer, i emailed them early this morning and now just got an email saying 'passport is ready for pick up today. Visa has been issued' All is well ... after all FYI .... CEAC status still says ... 'ADMIN PROCESSING'
  12. Hi All, I had my interview yesterday and from what i understand, it went pretty well. I have done my MBA from US university and have been working with the same employer for the last 3.5 years. I got my 1st h1b stamped in Canada last year. Had received 221g which was resolved in 3 weeks. Yesterday after the interview the VO said that due to some global system glitch the passport turnaround time is a week. So i ant get my PP until Aug 28th. He asked me to email them today to see if they can give me my PP before the 28th as he added me to the expedited list. Has anyone experienced the same ? Is anyone else in the same boat ? The CEAC status site shows my application as Admin processing but i never got a 221g form. He just gave me a slip which had a PP pickup date of Aug 28th. Let me know if anyone has similar experience. -Soyuj
  13. Thanks Pontevecchio. That would help. As i understand this, at the time of PERM filing we dont have to be married. Correct ?
  14. Hi All, I am on my H1 and will be applying for my H1B extension next month. My fiance got her first H1B approved couple of months ago. We are planning to get married next year. She is from Nepal and I am from India. Here are my questions. Since she is starting her GC processing (EB2) When can she add me as spouse ? We are not married yet but i am 'told' that she can add me later and that is when we have to produce marriage certificate. I think we should be married at the time her employer starts her GC processing. Is that correct ? All i want to know is, should we be married at the time when her employer starts her GC application or it is possible for us to start the GC process without being married now and then her employer can add me to her application ? - Soyuj