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  1. abhinav1404

    H4-EAD Application Fees

    I am applying H4-EAD first time for my spouse and want to the exact application fees needs to be submitted. I-765 Form instruction is confusing,it says fees as $410 and $85 bio-metric fees so it should be $495 altogether. I am not sure $410 is correct or $495. Please help me in this regard.
  2. I am on H-1B and Valid till Dec- 2018,My wife is also on H-1B and valid till April-2019. I am applying for my H-1B extension and want to file COS for my wife H1 to H4. I believe when my H-1B extension gets approved it will be effective from 1/1/2019 The effective date on I-539 is a confusion where it ask "A Change of status and new Effective Date" In case if put the effective date as 1/1/2019 then her COS will be only valid from 1/1/2019 and she has to maintain her H-1B status till date. I want her COS to be effective from the day application received by USCIS not from the day my new H-1B extension valid. Please provide some help,
  3. I am eligible for Visa Drop box since my old H-1B visa is still valid but my wife H4 has expired more then 12 months. If I apply for H-1B and H4 stamping together,I will get Visa drop box option but does my wife also gets drop box or she has to go for Interview ?
  4. My wife H-1b visa valid till March'2019,She applied for COS to H4 while in USA and got approved. If she goes for Visa stamping in India this year 2018 , is She eligible for Visa Drop box for H4 since her H-1b visa stamp on passport valid till March'2019
  5. My current H-1B is valid till Sept 2016 and I got a new employment offer from another company.The new employer is going file the H-1B transfer in July month and on the same month I am traveling to India also. Can I travel while my H-1B transfer is pending? While H-1B transfer ,it asks the last entry/exit details in the country,Is it fine if I give my last entry/exit details but when traveling back the last entry/exit details will get changed,while H-1b transfer is still in pending status?
  6. abhinav1404

    H1B cap exemption

    Is this extension or new H1b petition applicable if the candidate is in India?
  7. My wife is currently on H1 and I want to apply her for H1 to H4 (COS) +EAD. Does anyone have idea ,How long this whole processing takes. Processing times for H1 to H4 (COS) +EAD.
  8. abhinav1404

    H1B cap exemption

    Suppose if someone consumed his 6yrs of H1b visa and got extension for 3 yrs on approved I-140 here in USA. If he goes to India and try to file new H1B Petition from a new employer,Could he do it with approved I-140 from the previous employer or he will be counted against H1b Cap for filling new H1b Petition.
  9. abhinav1404

    kolkata visa stamping

    I went to Kolkata consulate twice for my H1 stamping and my experience was pretty good .There is no much rush on the Kolkata consulate because only North eastern states people come there and there is no much IT companies in that part.
  10. abhinav1404

    Obama EO: EAD for approved I-140

    I mean EAD/AP, AP allows to re-enter US without visa stamp
  11. abhinav1404

    Obama EO: EAD for approved I-140

    is this rule helpful for the people with approve 140 and get EAD for travelling outside USA.
  12. abhinav1404

    Obama EO: EAD for approved I-140

    Any update when this going to be published? http://www.reginfo.g...0&RIN=1615-AC05
  13. abhinav1404

    Obama EO: EAD for approved I-140

    Any thoughts or expliantion on this? http://www.reginfo.gov/public/do/eAgendaViewRule?pubId=201510&RIN=1615-AC05
  14. abhinav1404

    Obama EO: EAD for approved I-140

    Thousand hudread people already asked from USCIS but they don't care. Just want to know EAD rule is rumour or there is some reality on it?
  15. My wife is currently on H1 and wants to go back on H4. Does she has to quite the job when applying COS from H1 to H4 ? or She can remain on H1 job untill H4 is approved? or She must retain her H1 job untill H4 is approved?