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  1. Thanks , Can H4-EAD status person invest in working intrest or royalty intrest in oil and gas operations well ? please let me know .
  2. Thanks for your response. I am talking about both Working Intrest as well as Royalty Intrest in Oil and Gas Industry , Can H1-B visa holder purchase those ?
  3. Can H1B Visa holder purchase working intrest units in oil and gas well / industry , I think it is passive partnership. The Company will operate everything like drilling, operations , distribution of oil and gas , sell etc .They will send working intrest every month a part of sell of oil and gas. Please let me know.
  4. Thank you , Do you have any list of documents need at the US port of Entry ?
  5. I am Canadian Citizen holding H1-B status and family members also Canadian Citizen with H4 status. We are planning to travel out side USA to India. Do Canadian Citizen are required to stamp visa at embassy for H1B and H4 Status ? If visa stamp is not required at emabassy, what document needed while coming back from India at arrival airport in USA ? Please let me know process. Thank you.
  6. I do have an approved H1B. What is process if my employer wants to lower down salary( 20%)which is still greater than the previlledge wage but less than (20%) the rate of pay mentioned in LCA (Section F - Rate of Pay), what is success rates ? Thank you.
  7. Thanks , I still have few more questions, In my scenario in LCA the pay salary mention is 60K per year. My understanding it means gross salary before any standard deductions ( social security tax, medicare ) , Correct ? Is it required to maintain gross salary exactly prorated each month ( In my case 60K per year means monthly gross needs to maintain exact 5K ) Or if my monthly gross varies little each month and by the end of year if it is equal to 60K, than is it Okay . Correct ? Please let me know your comments.
  8. Thanks for response but you mean, In my scenario in LCA the pay salary is mention is 60K per year and previlledge wages is defined 50K per year. So is it LCA pay Salary needs to maintain 60K in my example, please clearify. Thank you in advance.
  9. Is it always required to maintain the same salary mentioned in LCA ? I have approved H1-B. In my scenario in LCA the pay salary is mention is 60K per year and previlledge wages is defined 50K per year. Is it okay if I maintain H1-B yearly salary same or more than previlledge wages (which is 50K ), but it is less than 60K pay salary defined in LCA ? So if I maintain around 55K pay stuff per year would be fine ? Or I have to mandetory maintain pay stuff atleast same or greater than pay salary defined in LCA which is 60K per year. Please reply. Thank you.
  10. Is it required to maintain same pay salary as mention in LCA for H1-B candidates. or Is it okay if I maintain same /greater salary as per previlledge wages define in LCA. Here is a my scenario. I have approved H1-B. I have mentioned 50K previlledge wages yearly in LCA. And pay salary mentioned 65K yearly in LCA. Is it always require to maintain pay stuff as per pay salary mentioned in LCA which is 65K per year ? Or Is it okay if I maintain pay stuff , same/greater salary as per previlledge wages define in my LCA which is 50K but lower than pay salary which is 65K per year in LCA. In this scenario pay stuff 55K per year would be fine ? Please let me know - Thank you
  11. While renew TN and TD visa by mail. My wife sign in I-539 in my native language which is same signature as her passport . She also check on box I can read and understand English. Do she need to sign compulsory in English only in I-539 ? or native language signature will work. Please share your experience with me. Thanks a lot.
  12. bhalderia

    Renewal of TN with approved I-140

    so which way is safe for renewal border or via- mail ?
  13. I want to renew my TN visa and my spouse and kids (dependents) TD visa, my I-140 is approved. Is it possible to renew TN with approved I-140 ? If yes which method is safe at border or via mail ? If via mail how much time currently it tooks in mail. Please help me on that. Also, if there is any case with the same type please share your experience
  14. Is it possible to re-new TN and TD ( for same employer) by mail for another 3 year but all applicant candian passport is getting expiring in next 1 year. OR Did all applicant should have valid passport for 3 years ? What is process of renew TN by mail ? Please advice