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  1. Circumspect

    Automatic revalidation program

    Hey guys - did you all have an expired visa on your passports? I ask because I came for my first H stamping and was wondering if I can still go in with my I94. Please let me know...in dire situation here.
  2. Circumspect

    Calling all folks stuck in Vancouver due to visa delays

    Dude - if you can, delay the interview to sometime in July and August. Seriously, dont leave the country if you dont have to. The situation here is pretty dire.
  3. Circumspect

    Calling all folks stuck in Vancouver due to visa delays

    Paw - i would recommend you reschedule your appointment after July if you can. My interview was on June 9th and I have been waiting for the DB to come back up all this time. It is has been a strain both emotionally and financially. I would recommend you delay your appointment until you know the DB is up and running.
  4. Circumspect

    Response from Vancouver Consulate (6/18)

    Also, their last update said that folks with interviews between June 14th - 20th should reschedule. Now they are saying June 14th - 24th!
  5. Circumspect

    Response from Vancouver Consulate (6/18)

    Ha! I received the same email.
  6. If that is indeed true, then we are probably not getting out until the last week of June/ first week of July. Might as well start looking for a new job.
  7. Has anyone heard anything from any of the consulates?
  8. As per the latest update on the technical glitch that Consular Services is experiencing, we are stuck in Vancouver at least until next week. I am trying to see if we can get a group together and cheer each other up....or drown a bit more in our collective misery. Email me if you want to hang. You can find the email in my profile.
  9. We should get this group of people, stuck in purgatory, together and go out. I keep obsessively checking the status of the technical glitch and I am pretty sure it is not healthy for my well being! haha...
  10. JasK - Figured out the contact info situation. Check out my profile and shoot me an email.
  11. Circumspect

    Things that can be carried to consulate

    At some consulates, they had small lockers to keep electronics. However, a lady in the line with me, had an iPad. The locker was too small for the iPad and could only accommodate phones and wallets. For my interview, I left everything at home except my documents, some cash and a drivers license. It made my life much easier.
  12. I haven't received my passport. The status on CEAC says Admin Processing. I dont think we will hear any updates until the State Dept. resolves the issue. Even after then, we will be part of the backlog - that's what scares me!
  13. Hey JasK - we can go grab a beer or something if you want. I am not sure how to provide my contact info to you on these forums.
  14. Had my interview on the 9th as well. The State dept just released a statement saying that they continue to experience issues with the Visa system even though the passport services for US citizens is up and running. So at least they made some progress. http://travel.state.gov/content/travel/english/news/technological-systems-issue.html%C2'>
  15. Update from State Dept - they continue to work on the glitch but visa printing is still affected. From the site - http://travel.state.gov/content/travel/english/news/technological-systems-issue.html "The Bureau of Consular Affairs is currently experiencing technical problems with our visa systems. These issues have resulted in delays in printing visas and may mean rescheduling some visa interviews. This issue is not specific to any particular country or visa category. Overseas passports are now being processed. Domestic passport services are functioning, and we were always able to issue emergency passports to U.S. citizens overseas with urgent travel needs. The Consular Consolidated Database (CCD) problems we are experiencing are not the same challenges we overcame last summer. We are working urgently around the clock to correct the problems and restore our system to full operational status as soon as possible."