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  1. You just need to send photo copies.
  2. Veera1

    Why did you change your employer ?

    Say for better benifits.
  3. Veera1

    SWAPing Date H1B appointment date

    budy you need to mention the location.
  4. You can ream me on my email which is in my profile about me.
  5. Hi we are 5 ppl staying in same YWCA hotel you can catch us any time 4 ppl have interview today i.e., 10th June and me having on 11th. Come across to room 608 to catch us.
  6. You dont need to with draw 221g, you can apply for stamoing with the other employer.
  7. Veera1

    Need Suggestion about H1b

    That shoud be fine dont worry you are good with it.
  8. Veera1

    221G Vancouver - help/suggestions needed

    When did you go for your stamping, also elobarate your detail experience.
  9. Veera1

    Question on Dependent Visa Stamping

    Yo dont need to.
  10. Veera1

    H1 stamping without client letter

    better take client location photo's and Client ID card.
  11. Veera1

    221G at Vancouver on June 3rd

    Can you elobarate your Visa experience?
  12. Veera1

    W-2 amount lower than LCA petition amount

    there are more chances to ask you this question as they mainly ask these two documents to compare LCA with W2. Just tell them truth but are those wages you got less than w2 was for whole year or are you on vacation/bench in that year?
  13. Veera1

    Visa interview on June 17th Vancouver

    Guys FYI dont send any of the original copies to Canada Embassy, you only need to send phot copies.
  14. Veera1

    Expired F1 Visa to H1b Visa stamping in Canada

    You are god to go dude dont worry.