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  1. Hi, I have completed 14 months with my employer and moved to FT with the end client. Employer was holding my H1 also. When I informed the employer that I am joining FT they asked me finder fees and other penalty etc that I need to pay because there is a rule that not supposed to join the end client directly. I don't have any documents signed regarding contract. My payroll has been stopped and my 2 months salary is with them. When I asked for my money they are coming with different deals and seems like they are not interested in paying back my money. 2 days back a lawyer representing the employer called to settle this by asking to pay 23% of annual salary or can be settled with my payroll as penalty and training and immigration fees. I told them I am ready for some reasonable settlement like what ever expenses incurred for me are ready to pay but this is more than that. Anybody know is there any rule with vendors and that an employee is not supposed to join the end client. If this is not settled they are going to sue me. Can anybody provide me some guidelines how to proceed with this/ Is there anyway that I can get my money back. A response is appreciated.