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  1. Finally my Visa Got Approved.
  2. shashikumar

    Can I go to Canada for Visa Stamping?

    Best go to India.
  3. Please don't come to Ottawa for H1B stamping most of them getting 221G best to go India.
  4. shashikumar

    H1B Stamping in Ottawa

    Hi Hari, Can you contact me through my email id which is in my Profile as i am in the same boat.
  5. Hi Please find my email id on my profile.
  6. My Visa Experience 1) Who is employer? 2) what you do? 3) what is your company does? 4) which university?(North western Polytechnic University) 5) how big is your university? 6) how many buildings? 7) how many classrooms? 8) why did you come to this university? 9) how do you know about this university? 10) how do you know about your company? 11) where do you stay? 12) how many employees your company had? Then he given me 221 G white slip. but mine is 2nd time stamping first time went to Calgary...
  7. Hi Sreewas, Please update your profile with Email Id so that we can contact.
  8. Can you send your details to my email id as i updated in my profile or update your profile with email id so that we can be in touch.
  9. Anyone 221G White slip Ottawa on April 7th Please let me know.
  10. shashikumar

    Ottawa April 8th anyone? (I booked hotel)

    I could not able to see your email id how can i contact?
  11. shashikumar

    Ottawa April 8th anyone? (I booked hotel)

    Hi Aditya, Send me your contact details to ****************@gmail.com.
  12. shashikumar

    Ottawa April 8th anyone? (I booked hotel)

    Hi Sai, My appointment on 7th can you provide your email id.