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  1. Hi, I have to do PR landing in Canada and visit consulate for H1B visa stamping. Is it safe to travel to Canada and then come back to US at this time with new immigration restrictions? How is everyone's experience at the US/Canada border?
  2. perry_arora

    Recoup un-used on H1B

    Thanks for reply . Is there any period(with in expiration of existing VISA ) in which extension to recoup the time should be filled ? .
  3. perry_arora

    Recoup un-used on H1B

    Folks , Appreciate your time in suggesting on my query
  4. perry_arora

    Recoup un-used on H1B

    Hello Folks, Thanks for spending time in checking my query , Appreciate if you can provide your expert feedback. I have 1.5+ years left an an approved H1B petition filled in 2006. My VISA stamp got expired in Jan 2013 .I have used around 4.5 years out of 6 years of H1 period during my stay in US from Jan 2007 -November 2011. I wanted to understand if it is legally possible for me to Recoup my 1.5 years under quota exempt category now.Is there any time frame with in which the un-used time should be recouped. Appreciate your time . Cheers Perry.
  5. perry_arora

    How to use left over H1B

    Thanks John . I was looking for a more clear evidence of left over time .Not all the entry stamps (while entering INDIA) are clear . I am also expecting that if & when my case goes to USCIS , they should have access to all my records. Appreciate your time.
  6. perry_arora

    How to use left over H1B

    Thanks in Advance for reading my thread. I have around 16 months of stay left in my approved H1b petition (2007-2013) . Due to some unavoidable circumstances I left US and working in India since last almost 1.5 years. I have been exploring my options of returning back to US and see unused time on my approved petition as easiest and quickest route . If & How can I get recorded/registered data (I-94 was submitted back when ever left US) which will help me to share confidence about my unused time with any Employer I approach. I have spent lot of time on USCIS portal but don't think there is any such service available. Also can I apply for H1B transfer (for left over period) while sitting in India. My H1B VISA stamp got expired in Jan 2013 . Appreciate your time in replying back to my query .Thank you.