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  1. Sachi_08

    Job Change while 1-485 peninding

    Job change soc code can create RFE for I-485
  2. am also in similar exact situation ,Applied for AOS along with EAD and AP last Oct 2020 , Biometric completed in May 2021 looking for job change from SOC code :-17-2141 Mechanical Engineers to some IT job but no idea how to plan ahead due to limited information. What can be expected RFE response for job change reason to justify 1. low pay , 2. no growth ..please someone share their experiences
  3. Hi Abby11, am also in similar situation . You mentioned "My PERM was filed on Sep,1,2017" Labor certification, commonly known as PERM, is a multi-step process . Do you filed ETA Form 9089 on Sep 1 2017 or PWD Request ? please reply Labor Certification Step One: PWD Request Labor Certification Step Two: Placing Ads and Recruiting Labor Certification Step Three: Filing ETA Form 9089
  4. Sachi_08

    By what time I should I expect to get PWD

    Hi Dinesh when you got PWD CAN YOU timeline please ?
  5. HI VIvs33 , please update me I am in same situation...only 10months left on H1B from today 6/5/2018...apreciate
  6. Sachi_08

    PWD getting denied

    HI SD , please can you update am also working from 10 years here ....thanks
  7. you are working for B from Aug 2017 till date so you are getting salary slips ..so you will not be out of status ....Employer C can file a new H1 in premium with gurrantee of no RFE again this time..then should be ok
  8. Sachi_08

    H4 to H1 transfer to new employer

    You can initiate a H1 transfer with just the receipt number My friend did same thing for his H-1 only thing is you have to go outside for H-1 stamping and i-94
  9. yes.... you don't have to face H-1b quota again ..goodluck
  10. Sachi_08

    h1-to-F-1-to-h1-h1 transfer

    Hi All, Please kindly answer my doubt .... I have question about my H-1 Ending Validity Date I used my first H1B from 10/01/2012 to 08/28/2013 (less than year precisely 11 months) I was in University to complete my MS study from 08/28/2013 to 05/10/2014 Then My H-1b cos approved with Starting Validity Date: 01/07/15..................Ending Validity Date: 01/07/18 ....3 year I went for stamping outside to start my new job Now for 2nd term of H-1 USCIS will approved for 2 years or 3 years ? or USCIS consider my OLD H1B from 10/01/2012 to 08/28/2013 (less than year precisley 11 months) to make total = 6 years i am not finding any answer yet..please advice thanks in advance
  11. Deep, Dear please post few more details for following situation I also joined F-1 due to status issue in Aug 2013 I Got offer now Apr 10,2014 .they are filing change of status in premium processing immediate I want to request USCIS to approve change of status( I-797A )with my current I-94 to start job without hassels to go outside US for getting New I-94 Can you tell me detail for this ? Also I got new extended I-20 today which shows my valid student status till Sep2014. Please guide me more detail about how to get stamping from canda, I-94 issue to resolve appreciate thanks mahika29@gmail.com
  12. Sachi_08

    RFE COS H4 to F1

    Hi Parent documents with affidavit showing relationship is ok which univeristy for MBA ? why you are late after 1 year study for cos ?
  13. Hello, Here is the current situation. I was on F1- OPT status on phd when employed. I couldn't finish thesis in time so change to H-1. Then I change back to F-1 to complete thesis If I want to do job after finishing this long study Can apply for OPT again called post completion OPT for remaining 17 months (month 29 month - 12 months)? Can apply for CPT again since I used CPT for 9 month previously too Or Can I activate my H-1 and start work as soon as I get I-799 COS F1 to H1 receipt. If it denied then I have to go back and come with visa stamp and resume same job Thanks in advance for your consideration and help.
  14. Sachi_08

    H1B to F1 and back to H1B

    here is the answer Generally, an individual who has previously been approved for H-1B status and has counted against the H-1B cap and has H-1B time remaining out of 6 year is not counted against the cap again for subsequent H-1B extensions or change of employer petitions. If your friend have exhausted 1 years on H1B then change to F-1, then an employer can file an H1 petition for him at any time.He can start immediately after H1 approval and not wait for 10/1 If you have been counted for the H1 quota in the last 6 years, you are not counted again, Changing to some other status F1 and back H1 will only give you whatever remainder time is left in this case 5 year .
  15. Detail Explanation of "Well My Univ DSO says "It doesn’t matter when your change of status petition is adjudicated - you won’t need to return to your home country." This means change of status petition can be adjudicated any time after Start date August 13. For example it may approved in Oct 13 , 2013 , but you can start study as wish.But if it deny 1% chances then you will be out of status from start date Aug 2013 to Oct 2013 and you have to go back for student visa