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  1. zeusdlord

    I-485 Filing

    Hello, I was told by my employer that I need to wait for my Priority date (17-June-17 on EB2/India) to become current before i apply for I-485. But some friends suggested to take Immigration lawyers opinion to apply for I-485 and get EAD for spouse since I-485 priority (processing date) is different than PERM Priority date. I am totally confused. With my current situation, getting EAD for my spouse will help us to handle our current job situation. Please advise.
  2. zeusdlord

    DHS Clearance for Driver's License

    Really appreciate all your responses. I checked CaseCheck. ITs showing "still under review". thank you all.
  3. Dear All, I am having an issue with getting my DL renewed. I am from Florida. After I received my H1b renewal receipt, I visited DMV to get my DL renewed. I received only temporary paper based for 2 months. I used to get DL card, but this time I was told that DMV system is not allowing them to issue DL card and I will receive in post. I received my approval and I went back to DMV after 2 months. Again same answer.. System is not allowing since they didnt receive DHS clearance. My I-140 is approved last year and I received 3 yrs extn. I didnt receive any formal letter from DMV or DHS for any further details. Anyone has experienced this situation? Any suggestions from experts? Please guide. Thanks in Advance. Regards, Zeus
  4. zeusdlord

    Can I do masters degree while on H1B

    Thank you all. I understand the practical difficulties. I work as full time employee and operate from my employer's corporate headquarters. So I guess I am eligible for part-time or online Masters. Now, its time to find some course which is affordable as well as recognized. Thanks again.
  5. Hi, I would like to get your input on Master's degree while working on H1B. I am ok to spend additional hours for my online Masters. Is it allowed? The one which I am planning to do is 36 credit course for the duration of 2 years.
  6. zeusdlord

    H1b Transfer in PP - Only approval mail received

    Thank you very much for your advice. I already put my papers with my current employer and notice period started today. I will be joining new employer in next two weeks. Thanks once again.
  7. Hello, My L1 to H1 is applied in Premium processing. Though I received receipt number thru mail from attorney, USCIS case status was showing "Case not found" for more than a week. Now I received a mail from attorney that my transfer is approved. Mail below. Can you please advise if I can leave my current job and join new employer based on this mail? Receipt Number: EAC-XXXXXXXXXX Petitioner: ABC Companies Beneficiary: Me DOB: MM/DD/YY Classification: H1B Starting Validity Date: 02/10/15 Ending Validity Date: 02/09/17 Consulate notified (if applicable): I-94 # (if applicable): xxxxxxxxxxx Ending validity date and I-94 # are same as in my L1 Petition and I-94. Thanks in Advance.
  8. zeusdlord

    Transfering unused and expired H1b to new employer

    Appreciate your detailed answers. I am clear with process now. Plz wish me good luck for transfer. :-)
  9. zeusdlord

    Transfering unused and expired H1b to new employer

    Thanks Very much for your inputs.
  10. zeusdlord

    Transfering unused and expired H1b to new employer

    Thanks. I came back to US couple of months back after being out of US for 1.5 yrs. Can I assume that I can transfer my unused and expired H1b to other employer? Thanks.
  11. Dear immigration experts, I was working in US thru Company A in L1A visa during 2009. In parallel, I applied for H1b (2009-10) cap thru company B and my petition was approved for 3 years (till May-2012). Since I continued with my L1 employer (Company A), I neither stamp my H1B nor used. If I decide to quit my L1 employer and join some other H1 sponsor, is it possible? Coz, I got full-time job offer now and my new employer is asking my visa status before issuing offer letter. Request your inputs for below scenarios. Can I use this H1 again for joining new company? Can new company transfer my unused H1b? Will it come under 2014 cap or cap-exempt? Since I am not joining my original H1b sponsor, will it create any problem during H1b transfer? Thanks in advance.
  12. Hi, First of all, I want to thank this forum for many suggestions and guidance in many visa related situations. I served in USA thru one of Indian service companies past 6.5 yrs and returned by Dec 2012. Since I need to travel back for same project again, would like to know how "Cooling Period outside USA" works. Is 12 months mandatory for reapplying visa? What is the the earliest period I can apply new visa to utilize both 12 months cooling period and quick visa processing? ​Example: Can I apply by Oct 2013, so that processing and stamping can be done before Dec 2013 (so that I can travel by Jan 2014 [*]​Any issues expected for applying again? ​Your valuable suggestions are highly appreciated. Please direct to me to relevant topic if same is been discussed already.