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  1. My Nephew got married to GC holder and he is on h1b. I-130 not yet approved. In June 2019 visa bulletin his PD is current under date of filing. I believe he can file AOS. Can anyone please share your knowledge or experience if you have gone through this process before for further steps. thank you.
  2. Aaman786

    Bahamas Tourist visa

    you do not need Bahamas visa to cruise.
  3. Aman,

    Thanks for the response on Canadian visa link. Is it advisable to apply ourselves or go through third party agency. Which one is faster?. Also can you let me know how long it takes for US Embassy to return the passport after stamping?. Any suggestions for stamping under Consular processing?.

    Thanks in Advance

  4. Aaman786

    H1B Visa Stamping procedure for Vancouver, Canada

    https://www.canada.ca/en/immigration-refugees-citizenship/services/visit-canada/apply-visitor-visa.html here is the link to apply visa online.
  5. you don't need to go for stamping again. provide Current visa stamp + I797 with new employer at POE. that should do.
  6. 1. yes 2. yes, provided you are within 6 years of h1b.
  7. Aaman786

    H1B Dropbox DS160 Validity period

    Did you already submit DS160 in march?
  8. Aaman786

    Drop box eligibility

    answer should be No
  9. Aaman786

    Issue with creating profile on cgifederal

    email same to customer support, they will help you.
  10. Aaman786

    Drop Box eligibility

    No, you are not eligible for Dropbox. with in 1 year time period of current visa exp you can.
  11. Aaman786

    Vancouver Stamping - Date Availability

    Your answer should be definite NO. If you say Yes and book appointment, you might be in trouble. (In the past, How did you book your appointment was one of the question in interview).
  12. Aaman786

    H1B Dropbox called for fingerprints

    Nope. Did they ask you anything else apart from finger printer?
  13. sounds good. Congratulations. thanks for sharing your experience.
  14. 1. MRV fee is not based on Location.to you Question, Yes you can schedule anywhere in Canada. 2. Yes, you have to file new DS 160.
  15. Days Inn hotel is 3min walk from consulate.