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  1. Hi Experts, My employer immigration firm filed my I140(Premium)/I485/I765/I131 altogether on Sep 16 2016 at Nebraska centre. I was told that i would receive receipt notice from USCIS in 2 to 3 weeks. Its been closer to 3 weeks, I didn't get any update from USCIS. But my immigration team notified me that they received my I140 approval notice on Oct 5 2016. I was curious to see I 140 approval notice came earlier than receipt notice of all my other forms. Is this normal? Do USCIS handle I140 and I485 petition separately? Do i need to wait for sometime to receive notice or should i contact USCIS? Please suggest.
  2. vijay4246

    Diversity Visa application count

    Thanks Joef. This is really helpful..!
  3. Hi Experts, My wife is an srilankan citizen has eligibility to apply for diversity visa lottery currently residing in USA on H4 dependant visa, Question is 1) who should apply? can i fill d application on my wife behalf as a spouse category? or we both should file separate application? 2) can we file 2 applications 1 by me(as a spouse) and other by my wife ?
  4. Hi Experts, I need your advise on applying H4 visa for my better half, She is a srilankan citizen stayin in india for the past 23 years with valid srilankan passport. Does she needs to obtain indian citizenship before applying for H4 visa, Please guide me.
  5. vijay4246

    Salary Issue with Old Employer

    IS it legal to receive the tax deductible salary in the form of check instead of payslip? Kindly provide ur thoughts.
  6. vijay4246

    Salary Issue with Old Employer

    Is it legal to get the tax deducted salary in the form of check from the old employer as a settlement amount? Please provide your thoughts.
  7. vijay4246

    Salary Issue with Old Employer

    Hi, Recently i moved out from a desi employer to a full time position, My employer didn't settle my last month pay, On enquiring, He said he stopped my payroll, But he is willing to pay the amount in check after doing tax deductions based on online Paycheck calculator. Am i supposed to receive the money in the form check instead of a salaried payslip amount? Kindly guide me.