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  1. I am in the same situation... did ur parents get the visa 4th time ?
  2. Thanku all.. We are going to call the Chennai Murthy Firm.. hope they are able to help over the phone ? My parents carry all the property documents, they have 1 house, 1 shops, and 3 office in India which is owned by my Mom & Dad. But during the interview they dont even see/ ask for such documents. Is there any way we can include this in the D-160 form? Also last 3 times, they were self sponsoring , but this time we ( my husband ) is sponsoring them.. will this make a difference... Please reply.. I really want to c my parents soon.. . its really frustrating... PLEASE HELP..
  3. My parents have applied for B2 visa 3 times uptill now since 2010. Rejected all the three time. I am really dishearten. Any kind of help at his point will really be appreciated . My dad is CA ( Chartered accountant ) , and pays really less taxes ( He invests in properties ) . All the three time we have applied he self-Sponsored himself. Plus Me and my brother ( who moved to US last year ) are here now. So we cant show any stronger ties to India except properties he owns. Below are the scenarios of 3 interviews : 1. Nov 2010: Mumbai Consulate: Visa rejected I think this was the reason : By mistake my dad gave a wrong answer to the question Q: When is your daughter last came to India/ A: Instead of the original date dad mixed it with my previous date. 2. June 2011: Mumbai Consulate: Visa rejected Q: Where is your son? Who sponsored him? A: Doing MBA in London. Me Q: Show me your bank and tax documents? A: He showed the bank statements ( which had around 3-4 lakhs ) 3. Feb 2013: Mumbai Consualte : Visa Rejected Q. How much do you earn? A. .. ..amount ( reflecting to the tax returns ) They have their 4th interview on 18 April 2013. This time though My husband have sponsored them. We have send all the bank statements ( with $29k ), lease aggrement, joining letter, last 4 paystubs, office immigration letter along with the invitation letter. Is there anything else my parents should do ? or we should send from here to increase their chance of approval ? Please help , I really want my parents to visit me this summer. Thanks,