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  1. Hi, I am curious to know, if we there is any way where the most current H1-B visa time is more than the standard 6 year period. Say if by using the travel departure history, the total amount of time spent in the US is calculated to see how much of the 6 year visa time you have used. But when you calculate that you see that the H1-B, I-797 show more time than the 6 years you calculated using the arrival departure record. Is this possible ?
  2. Hi All, I am curious to know how visa change works post marriage. Me and my girlfriend both are currently on H1-B visa working for 2 different employers. We are supposed to get married in Dec 2016 and plan to travel back together to the States early January. However just couple of weeks back my girlfriends employer told her that her project is going to get over before she is traveling to India for marriage and till now her employer doesn't have any visibility for her next project. My question is can she legally enter U.S again with me, since we will be married ? Or can she use her current H1-B visa to enter back ? What happens if I marry her here in the States before we go back to India in December ? Does that change her visa status ? And in that case can she come back to the U.S with me in January ? thanks. PM
  3. mano8057

    H1-B Visa Stamp in India ( Dec 16)

    OK. But still it does not clear my concern on the appointment scheduling. The website does not show me available dates/times, since on the previous page it tell me I am eligible for drop box. So even though I need an in person interview, how do schedule it without option to look at available dates ?
  4. mano8057

    H1-B Visa Stamp in India ( Dec 16)

    Ok, but when I login, fill up all the information and answer the questions that are asked, it says you qualify for the drop box submission. I can't even get to the screen where I can select interview dates and schedule my interview ( biometric and interview). What's going on here? I have heard similar stories. How to approach this case?
  5. So this is my scenario. I currently work for employer "A" for last 11 months. I quit my previous employer "B" last year, and have H-1 stamp (interviewed in Nov 2014) for "B",which is still valid until 2017. I had plans to got to India later this year, and was thinking to get H1 stamped for my current employer (" A " ). When I went in on the consular website to schedule my appointment (Mumbai - location), after reviewing all the info, and answering all the questions it was informed that I am eligible for drop-box facility. I am extremely confused and don't want to take a chance regarding wherein I go the consulate and later on I am told you have to appear for the 2 day standard interview process. I emailed the consular office and they did not give a clear answer saying we can't comment on a specific case. How should I approach this ? Thanks
  6. mano8057

    Travel to India in december for Visa stamping

    Sorry ...... but can anyone be a little more thorough in the reasoning. Not sure if I understand the "UK border control" . My current visa stamp is valid till 2017, but that H1 was with my previous employer which I am no longer with. I changed jobs 10 months ago for which I need to get a new visa stamp.
  7. I would like to know if we need a transit visa while travelling to India, with a layover in London/Frankfurt. I have heard mixed reviews on this. I have a 9 hour layover in London on way to Mumbai where I plan to get my stamping done. Reservations are with the same airline throughout the journey. Is this a new rule travel that came into effect recently ? THANKS .
  8. Hi All, I'm planning to apply for Canadian Visa and get my H-1 stamping. I plan to mail my documents to LA VAC. Do I need a letter of invitation as a part of application packet? What can you do if there's no one that can provide it to you? Appreciate any feedback. Thanks Mano
  9. mano8057

    canada visitor visa query

    Appreciate the feedback guys. One more question do we need to send an invitation letter as well. What if we don't have any acquaintances, how do we supply the letter in that case ? Thanks
  10. mano8057

    canada visitor visa query

    Hi Friends, I am planing to apply for a canadian vistor visa, and send the paper application to the LA VAC. I am confused on the total fee amount that we have to pay in this process. I see there is the $75 visa fee, plus the VAC service fee of US $36.09. Are those the only 2 Applicable fees ? Also I see that the fees and the application got to 2 different addresses. Application at LA office and fees at the Salt Lake City, Utah office. Am I correct ? Also it is mentioned that VAC returns the application if the paperwork / fees amount is not correct. Is that true, don't they inform you before and ask for additional documents ? Please help. Thanks Mano
  11. So, I am in the middle of accepting a new job with employer B, but presently working for employer A. I know that its best not to quit your current employer, till you actually have the hard copy of I-797 for the new employer. I am wondering if there is a certain buffer period between a job change? Once I have the I797 can I take my own time..after discussing with my new employer about when I can start. Is it considered unemployment after I quit my present employer (emp A), and start working for my new employer (emp B) .....say after 2 weeks.. Considering the need to relocate and stuff.. Thanks Mano
  12. mano8057


    For sure I am not going to tell me my current employer about my new job. Does my potential new employer in anyway needs to get in touch with my current HR or something. Not sure what you mean by " But make sure they do not inform your current employer about H1B transfer". Untill I get the I797 in my hand, neither I am going to resign nor even tell my current employer. My question is will the new H-1 petition be filed as an ammendement or fresh H-1?
  13. mano8057


    So would this amendment and new transfer a tricky affair or transfer takes place with out any hiccups... Do they ask for any additional paperwork. Also my supposed new employers paper work had me asking about my current employer details , HR info. Is this normal?
  14. All, So recently my current employer had to file for ammendement, as both my client & client location changed. In the meantime, I have received a great job offer from a new employer, and the employer is starting the process of H-1 transfer. My question is does the new employer need to know about the ammendement process going on, or it should not matter. Eagerly looking forward a to a reply. Thanks....
  15. Hello, I would like to get some clarification on H1 visa transfer process and job change. Here is my case: I currently hold valid h1 visa with valid stamp ( got in Oct 2014). I was hired in US in feb 2014. Due to project requirements I was called back to India in feb 2015. I want to get back to the States, but my company doesn't have a time line yet for me to get back. Moreover I also want to switch my job. What is the best way to do a job change and get a visa transfer ? Do I just wait till my current employer decides to send me back, and then start looking for a new job? How different would the visa transfer be ? Can it be done anytime during the year or just like H1 which is filed in April I have to wait again ? Thanks