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  1. Sam3895

    221g in Vancouver

    Does any of you have level 1 wage in LCA? If Yes, that could be the reason. Let us know If its not.
  2. Sam3895

    Global Entry with expired H1B stamp

    did anyone get lucky in applying for GPE in india? Did they ever send a clearance report to CBP?
  3. Sam3895

    Need Help after court Disposition

    Also remember, once you disclose the details in a DS160, you have to divulge them everytime you fill out a DS160. And in your case, I would recommend you disclose it to be truthful. They would anyway have this information since this is a felony. Delivering a controlled substance less than 400grms
  4. Sam3895

    Any recent 221(g) in Vancouver ??

    I attended my interview this morning and glad there were no questions asked. It was quick. Visa is approved.
  5. Sam3895

    Any recent 221(g) in Vancouver ??

    Glad that you finally received your passport. Were you in Vancouver all these 42 days? Strange that it took them so long, I have seen cases where they hold and process in a week or 2. Admin processing are comparatively quick in Vancouver. In your case was it just validating your field of study vs current job?
  6. Has anyone received a 221g in Vancouver recently and still waiting for the passport or admin processing to complete and residing in Vancouver?
  7. If you have a valid unexpired H1B Visa stamping in your passport, you do not need mexico visa. If your visa is expired, you might have to apply for mexican visa. I have been to Tijuana a few years back and the above input is from my personal experience.
  8. Hi Im on H1B (8th year) and my 140 is approved. My brother married a Citizen and he has a GC now (applied for citizenship), can he sponsor me a GC after he gets his citizenship? or can my sister-in-law file a GC for me? Im married and have a child (citizen)
  9. Nagesh are you still in Vancouver or did you return to USA?

  10. Sam3895

    Successful visa stamp after case dismissal

    Immigration memo is a letter from your criminal/immigration lawyer. Disposition letter is the final court sentence. Clearance certificate is the background check report from local law enforcement authority. Anyone who has a petty offence/misdemeanor dismissed, would have to carry the disposition and clearance certificate to avoid any further delays at consulate or POE.
  11. Sam3895

    stamping H4 Visa with dismissed case

    You would need a clearance certificate and court disposition documents Reach out to the local police department or state patrol to receive a notarized clearance certificate Every state has a different procedure to procure this clearance certificate
  12. Hi Anyone else having an appointment in Sep 12 -15 week in Vancouver? I am looking for a shared accommodation.
  13. Sam3895

    Canada Consulate Visa Dates will change?

    Ya wait for it. I was able to get a date in Sep. The last time I saw it was showing dates in Oct.
  14. Did you reschedule from Aug 29?