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  1. Hi, Me and My Friend have visa appointment on Nov 19th in Jamaica. we will be landing in kingston on novmber 17th. I would like to Share my contact Info. Please instruct me on how to put my email address or phone number Privately?. Thanks
  2. I applied for H1B Ammendment in april 2013 and got approved with client x. Now i moved to client Y in September 2013,i need to be in india in next 15 days. I do not have ammendment so far. i have a valid LCA. There is no change in my role or in my salary. Can i attend the stamping with my old H1B Approval? what are the risks involved if i attend with my old H1B approval?
  3. HI, I have to apply for my H1B this year in April 2013. But my LCA was just applied 3 business days ago. I have all the documentation ready, but only LCA is Pending. how Many days does it take for the approval of LCA. How can attorney know it is certified? can Attorney request a soft copy before they recieve a original copy in Mail? What can Attorney do to get LCA Certified ASAP? Thanks in Advance.