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  1. sthamago

    H1-B stamping and Passport renewal

    until the last day of I 797. Also its easy for you to apply for a passport here in US and it takes one month to arrive after you apply.
  2. Start filling new DS 160 and submit it and update the consulate by email and update it in your appointment schedule too
  3. sthamago

    Invitation Letter for Canada TRV?

    Invitation letter is something if you say if you have relatives or friends in Canada they need to send you invitation to visit Canada.
  4. sthamago

    "TILAK" on forehead while H1B Stamping

    no problem with that at all
  5. then you can follow to what your attorney says
  6. Consult an attorney quickly for this
  7. Are you working for the same client before the work location change and after? Also does the old work location and new work location are in same Metroplitan Statistical Area?
  8. You can go out from USA but while returning back you need to go for stamping. And as you said you applied for amendment you can go only for stamping once the amendment is approved.
  9. sthamago

    Annotation issue

    Good Info.
  10. sthamago

    No client letter - how to support?

    I think you are good to go with the documents what you have in hand
  11. also make sure you talk to your insurance company 10 days before your travel and get the temporary insurance for a week in Canada too
  12. no need to worry much about the driving its same as US Driving. And more over the traffic is less in Canada. Carry GPS with you then you are good.
  13. sthamago

    H1 Stamping in Canada - I-94 at airport ??!

    what ever your employer said is right. just hand over the I 94 which is in your passport to the CBP officer and while returning you just fill the form and its maintained electronically in the system which you can check in the website. No need to detach anything from your I 797
  14. sthamago

    Invitation Letter for Canada TRV?

    scan both of them and make it to a single pdf and upload the document