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    Job and role change on EAD

    Thanks Belle! Some more questions. Please answer. 1) If my current employer revokes I-140, will that jeopardize my I-485 application? 2) How do i file FOIA request and when is it done (after i jump to a new job?)? 3) I will talk to a lawyer about the new role i take up. If some of responsibilities match my current role, then do you think it will still a problem?
  2. gentleman33

    Job and role change on EAD

    My employer has filed for my green card in EB2 category. I filed for I-485 on March 16, 2012. I got my EAD on April 24, 2012. It's been almost a year since I got my EAD. However, I have not used my EAD. I am still on H1B which is maxing out in Jan 2014. I have renewed my EAD recently. It is valid for 2 more years. I am planning to change a job. I am looking for higher position than my current role (which would be somewhat similar to my current role) or I am also looking for a totally different role. I heard AC21 only allows same or similar role. My questions are as below: 1) Can I jump to a different role using my EAD? Will this cause any problem in my I-485 approval? I am more inclined towards taking up a new role. 2) If I decide to jump to a similar or a different role, should I file AC21 after jumping to a new job? Will my employer do this or do I have to do? 3) My employer has not given me the I-140 approval notice or form 9089.Can I jump job without this? Will not having these documents cause problems in my I-485 approval after I move to another employer? 4) Can my current employer revoke my I-140 even if it has been more than a year since I filed my I-485? Your help is highly appreciated. Thank you!