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  1. ad2010

    Staming experience in Kolkata

    I am also planning to go to Kolkata, if I go to India for stamping. Else I would explore Canada or Mexico. Not sure which one I should pick Kolkata, Canada or Mexico.
  2. Hi, I am planning to go to Canada for visa stamping. Can anybody please tell the available dates for end of May or first week of June in Calgary, Vancouver, Toronto and Ottawa. Thanks.
  3. If your I-94 and current I-797 still valid then your employer or any employer can still file a new petition for you. BTW , what was your USCIS service center the H1B extension?
  4. ad2010


    Did you get your visa?
  5. ad2010

    Visa stamping in Mexico - First time

    You cannot go to Mexico. They allow renewals only. https://mx.usembassy.gov/visas/third-country-nationals/ Third Country Nationals* residing in the United States may apply to renew a visa in any category except B1/B2 or H2. NOTE – The applicant must apply to renew in the same visa category and cannot apply in a different category.
  6. Thanks for sharing your experience and other information. Did Mexican immigration stamp your passport?
  7. ad2010

    VISA Stamping

    Yes, you can go. You have to present both I-797 during your interview and in DS160 you need to fill the Renewed PETITION details.
  8. ad2010

    221G cases in Vancouver in 2017

    Since consulate kept your passport, its a positive sign. Hope for the best.
  9. You are eligible to go to Mexico for stamping. Mexico only allows renewals.
  10. ad2010

    Vancouver 221G contact here

    Gopala : Check the Section F (Wage Rate) in your LCA. It say FROM: $______ To: $ _________ So, this section has a range. Section G.9 will have prevailing wage. Is your pay is between the range specified in Section F?
  11. ad2010

    Vancouver 221G contact here

    @Gopala: Sorry to hear about 221g. Hope it will get resolved soon. If your wages paid are equal or more than the min wage in LCA then you are good. Check the wage level also in your LCA. If it is at the higher side then it should be fine. Level 1 wages are getting scrutinized more nowadays.
  12. ad2010


    Mexico allows only H1B renewals in the same visa category. You cannot go to Mexico. https://mx.usembassy.gov/visas/third-country-nationals/
  13. Ans1: If you get 221g in a consulate, you cannot go to another consulate in any country for stamping for the same visa. I am assuming you will try in Canada for the same visa for which you got stuck in Mexico. Ans 2: US does not allow air side transit ,that means all the transit passengers MUST pass through US immigration during transit. So, answer is NO.
  14. ad2010

    First Time H1B Stamping Canada/Mexico

    Not sure about Canada. You are not eligible for visa stamping in Mexico. Mexico only allows renewal in the same category.