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  1. @srikanth0435 -- Do you see any update on your case now? I know, you already got your passport but wondering, if you see the case update now? I am having feeling that, their case update system may not be functioning or they are not updating for long time. Would be helpful, if you can let us know. thanks,
  2. vanky_stamping

    Passport back while 221 g in process in vancouver

    Why did you get 221g? Can u share your experience? Which counter did you go?
  3. @srikanth0435 -- when did you email to the consulate? When you received the reply from them? After that, did you have any update from the consulate? What is the current status online, is it still admin processing? Do you see, any change in status update date? I am on 221g, as well, with similar update.
  4. vanky_stamping

    17 h1b Stamp Rejected @Ottawa/Vancouver: Think Twice !

    If the company is flagged, they deny the visa, even if the individual case is fine? Or, it is just 221g and admin processing?
  5. can you elaborate your individual case here? What questions were asked? Which counter did you go etc? It will help to get idea on the timings. We have few people, here in Vancouver, who got 221g waiting for past 3-4 weeks with not much movement. Also, update your profile with the email or provide your contact no, so we could get in touch. Thanks
  6. Which counter did you go? what is your case? Explain details.We have few 221gs waiting for few weeks here in Vancouver. Update your profile with email or profile contact no so we could get in touch.
  7. vanky_stamping

    Admin Processing @ Vancouver Apr 8th

    It is highly unusual that VO did not ask you client letter, when you are in EVC, but instead, asked you employer letter to consulate.
  8. vanky_stamping

    17 h1b Stamp Rejected @Ottawa/Vancouver: Think Twice !

    Can you please be little more specific? How many from Vancouver, and what were their case about? Thanks,
  9. vanky_stamping

    Admin Processing @ Vancouver Apr 8th

    Which counter did you? ... Are you in EVC, or full time? Also, do you have common muslim name? There are few others, whose case is pending for around 1 month, so let us know, if you are still in Vancouver? Thanks
  10. vanky_stamping

    221G White Slip in Vancoover

    I received similar reply, except, it says, "Your case is under review.", instead of "Your case is under review by the consular officer." It seems, your case was being reviewed by consular officer , in my case it doesn't say. Can you please check the reply and let me know, the wordings? Thanks,
  11. Hey Chandra, Can you please let me know, how soon you used to get reply from consulate? I emailed consulate about status update yesterday 9 AM local time here, today it is past 11.30 AM local time, but no reply from the consulate and no case update on CEAC. I recall, you mentioned you used to receive replies in 2 hours etc from the consulate, so can u plz share your experience? Also, which email you had asked for the status update? NIV / AP or FPU ? .. I sent email to AP and FPU yesterday, but no reply yet.
  12. yes .. we have one person here ..who had RFE on H1 and got 221g at vancouver .. so be prepared ...
  13. vanky_stamping

    120+ Days in White 221(g) for H1b @ Vancouver

    There few others here on 221g. But, you might be the oldest one.What was case, please describe, so we could relate, update you. Which counter did you go? When you say, consulate is deciding your qualification for H1B, do they mean, your eligibility for H1B, or your education qualification? It must be general eligibility for H1B, which 221g, in general. No one takes so long for education qualification determination.Do you have common muslim name? Best,
  14. vanky_stamping

    221G Vancouver on March 8th

    Also, can you please let me know, when did you send this email? I mean, after how many days or working days from the day, you had your interview and was given 221g? It would help to understand the timeline and the response time. Thanks,
  15. vanky_stamping

    Visa status says "Refused" after the interview

    What was the update on your case. Can you please share your experience? Thanks,