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  1. Hello all, i am planning to go India next week and come back in January, is it safe if I go for 4 months?
  2. BikerBoy

    Successful Visa stamping at Vancouver: Counter 5

    congrats bro....my interview was wid Same lady and at same counter with similar questions and more than 30mins... But at last she is approving Visa
  3. BikerBoy

    Visa stamping done @ Vancouver

    Thanks bro...only 1 221g but surely it will get resolved too
  4. BikerBoy

    Visa stamping done @ Vancouver

    I cant see your email ID bro...update it in your profile
  5. BikerBoy

    Visa stamping done @ Vancouver

    Thanks Bro :)
  6. Hello all, firstly... many thanks to murthy forum and people here. I had interview at 9:30 but went there around 8:30. I had a back pack wid me and they did not allow that. so it took 15-20 mins more for me to get back to consulate. After security check and finger prints in 2nd floor my number was called(it might take a hour here) and i went to 20th floor. 3 counters were open and i understood that interview at 5th counter(female) is goin tough and long(In other 2 counters...its hardly taking few mins) After 20-30 min....I was called at counter 5 :( Me: Gud mrng..how u doin today VO: fine and you? Me: I am doin good VO: are you from software consulting company or work for client?? Me: Software consulting company VO: can i see your employer letter Me: gave VO: which Univ? Me: XYZ Univ VO: the guy before you was from same univ, do you know him me: no, but i heard some conversation btn you wid my university name VO: which year did you get degree? me: XYZ year and month VO: who is your 1st client and when did you start wid them? me: XYZ and XYZ month VO: 2nd client and duration me: explained VO: then who is next? me: XYZ and currently with them VO: what do you do in the time between one clinet to another? me: I never faced such situation VO: give me your client letter me: gave VO: who is this xyz in between? me: Vendor VO: Is this a ABC country phone number? me: yes my manager is from different country I dont remember exact conversation but she has asked more about my client, client manager, role and responsibilities, pay stubs for more than 10mins VO went inside with my paystubs, client letter, emp letter,I797 etc for 5-10 mins Then after seeing my passport: VO: you have Masters from XYZ univ too? me: No, I have transferred from that univ Vo: why? that was a very good school? me: explained Vo: that was very good place me: I didnt like it VO: I dont think your new Univ has Acredtn me: No, its acreditd( I was very confident coz i am sure abt my univ) Vo: who gave acredtn? me: I dont remember me: you can verify on its website Vo(Looking at my client letter): Whom do you report to at client location? Me: xyz manager Vo: How did your employer found this vendor me: through another vendor VO was confused and asked again I explained clearly abt my EVVC model(I had all letters with perfect documentation and i was confident here) Then gave all the docs other than passport and 797 and then said YOUR VISA IS APPROVED Many other quesns were asked before approving which I dont remember now. It went for at least 25-30mins. Few things I understood in my case and which helped are... Perfect documentation My Employer has a very clean history Confident at few questions I know it went tough n long...but this is not the same case wid other 2 counters(it hardly took 5mins each for my friends on same day at these counters) Gud Luck every one :)
  7. BikerBoy

    221G @ Vancouver Resolved in 9 Business Days

    Thanks Buddy, this will really help many
  8. Hi Ben, you can find my e-mail ID in my profile. Let me know if you do not see it
  9. Hello all, I have Visa appointment on June 24 9:30 AM @ Vancouver and looking for accommodation. If any one is willing to share, please let me know. you can find my email id in my profile. Thanks
  10. BikerBoy

    Looking for Accomadation in Vancovuer from June 23rd

    Hi I have appointment on Same date, pls let me know if you can share
  11. BikerBoy

    Is anybody willing to swap their H1 Stamping date?

    Hi Kishore I have July 23rd slot, and June 26th slot is OK for me...let me know if you are interested to swap
  12. BikerBoy

    Any one ready to SWAP any June Dates!

    Hi...any one else planning to swap their dates from June end to July end??
  13. BikerBoy

    SWAPing Date H1B appointment date

    Buddy, my date is 23rd July but wanted to swap it to June last week. Let me know if it works for you