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  1. SriJon

    Preparing for a Current Priority Date

    Hi, I have my priority date of April 8, 2010 in EB-3 category. Can I expect it to become current in near future, say like in 6 months to 1 year time? Can you please advise ? Thanks, Srikar
  2. My priority date is Apr 18, 2010 in EB-3 category. Can you please let me know how many years approximately it will take to become current? Thanks in advance.
  3. SriJon

    H1 Transfer from L1

    0407-what is consular processing? If I get i797, can't I i94 with that?
  4. SriJon

    H1 Transfer from L1

    So, should I wait until October 1st to travel to India? Or how soon can COS takes place?
  5. SriJon

    H1 Transfer from L1

    Thank you 0407. I will leave the country for 2 weeks in June probably. I have already applied for H1B this year. If I get H1, it will be valid from 1st of Oct. What are my best options now so that my COS from L1 to H1 is not impacted? Thanks much in advance.
  6. SriJon

    H1 Transfer from L1

    Hi, I have L1 visa which is valid till Jun-2014 and maxing out in Jun-2014 as well. Now, my employer is filing for L1 to H1 conversion in Apr-2013. If this H1 petition is approved, it will be valid from 1st of Oct, 2013. However, if go to India in May-2013 or June-2013, I need to go for L1 stamping (I extended my current L1 in Sep-2012). Does it abandon my H1 petition? My H1 petition will be cancelled? Please advice and thanks a ton in advance.