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  1. dakshinabalu

    I-485 New Card Is Being Produced without Interview

    when did u file your EAD Application?
  2. Good Evening I am working last 12 years in USA - My I-140 approved in Dec 2010 under EB2 Category, last 2 years 3 months am working for a Company A - my remaining H1B visa is valid until July 2019. Now Company B filed my H1B transfer / H1B on 18th September 2018 - under normal H1B Processing - VERMONT Center - based on my I-140 approved on Dec 2010, I got a USCIS receipt on OCT 2 2018 , now Company B ia asking me to join on project with just USCIS Receipt. My question is it advisable to join with just USCIS Receipt? I was told now from Sept 11 2018 onwards H1b transfer is either approved or rejected , also no more premium processing situation. My current H1B Company [Company A] only issue is need to travel all over the world, otherwise no issue, also my H1B Renewal is only August 2019. So my question is , is it okay to join Company B just with USCIS Receipt , also any update when premium processing again going to come back? any idea how long will take for H1B normal processing time in Vermont Center? Don't know what is the rejection rate now? if I join with USCIS Receipt if will get reject what is my option ? I have two H4 Dependents - Looking for your valuable suggestion , kindly help me.
  3. Hi I created gmail group called affectedeadoct2015bulletin@gmail.com , please send an email to affectedeadoct2015bulletin@gmail.com group. The main purpose is to collect all the affected people and their communication details, so that we all able to communicate. Next Steps are 1)Meeting Congress men/women and Senators in local and express our grievances, am going to meet and address this issue to Honorable Congress women Tulsi Gabbard United States Representative in Dallas. 2) Filing more lawsuit and try to get Restraining Order [Probably each state], since Seattle Judge dismissed restraining order. Affected people because of Oct 2015 Visa Bulletin not able to file EAD ,please send your communication email address to affectedeadoct2015bulletin@gmail.com 3)Creating WhatsApp Groups etc. Regards Bala
  4. Hi Sirs I have I-140 approved and Perm Labor approved on Sep 2010 and Dec 2010 [EB2 Category] with my old employer, after that my H1B revoked with my old employer because of my old employer did not file LCA [ Labor conditional application] even after I started more than 2 months after my new job found by immigration officer. After my H1B revoke with old employer, got a new H1B with new employer based on my I-140 approaval with old employer, My new employer did not start any of my Green Card Process such as porting priority date or putting advertisement in news paper etc. Also I am hearing new I-140 approval and porting priority date takes lot of time also if get into random check then it may take more than a year. My question is based on all this issue, is it , it would be better I will transfer my H1B with my old employer so that I no need to do new I-140 and porting my priority date etc? Is it legally if I can transfer my new H1B to old employer to whom I got my I-140 approval and Perm Labor certified and able to utilize my old I-140 and priority date, then once my priority is current I can able to apply my I-485 and EAD immediately? Thank you.
  5. dakshinabalu

    President Obama's Immigration Plan

    Already DACA [Obama executive action deferred action for child hood arrivals] applications are accepting starting from Feb 18th onwards, see the below link http://www.uscis.gov/immigrationaction
  6. dakshinabalu

    H-4 EADs

    Hi Sirs In order to obtain H4 spouse EAD , is it primary H1B holder I-140 must be approved and priority date has to be current? OR Even if priority date is not current , I-140 approved is enough? OR Even if I-140 approved with previous employer not with current employer is it enough Thank you, appreciated for your answers.
  7. Hi Sirs I am Canadian Citizen worked in TN Visa in 2007,2008 then got H1B in 2008 and working in H1B last 41/2 years got my I-140 and Labor for[Green Card] Approved in Septemeber 2010, got another 3 years Extension in Dec 2011. During my Job change from Dec 2011 to Feb 2012- from one job to other , my employer did not file my LCA before starting job, after I started working a month later Immigration Officer caught my employer because of did not file LCA, later he filed LCA and approved in Feb 2012, Now last week my employer got an I-797-E notice of revoke H1B and has to respond before April 4th 2013. My Question is am Canadian CITIZEN, my current H1B if happened to be Revoke Status because of I-797-E , can I apply new TN Visa and start working ? if I get new TN Visa and start to work, whether my I-140 and Labor for Green Card approved in September /October 2010 still be valid ? still my Green Card Priority Date which is Dec 2010 got under EB2 category still valid , and be in the queue even if I change to TN Visa either with Same H1B Employer or Different Employer? Please guide me . Regards dakshinabalu
  8. dakshinabalu

    H1B Revoke Received I-797E, Notice Of Action

    Anybody know what is success rate for I-797-E ? if attorney respond back to I-797-E?
  9. Hi My Employer did not file LCA even after I started working in Feb 2012 , immigration officer went to my old working place did not find then he called my employer , employer said working in different place and admitted he did not file LCA, immediately he filed LCA for a new Job Location then LCA approved immediately, this happened 1 year back. Now my employer got I-797E Notice of Action which says H1B Revoke Notice of Action, my employer has to reply back before April 4th. so I need Murthy Law Firm advise, what is your suggestion, what is the possiblity of success rate? , if Murthy Law Firm ready to take up my case, I am ready to book an appointment with Murthy Law Firm. Kindly need your immediate advise and help, I can be reached via my cell -704 206 9793[bala] Thank you for your community Service, Appreciated. Regards Bala 704 206 9793
  10. dakshinabalu

    H1B Revoke

    I also got H1B Revoke Letter from I-797E Action Form which is Notice Intent to Revoke H1B because of LCA is not filed on time. Please help me what is your suggestion and what is the percentage of success? Is it Murthy Law Firm handled this kind of cases before, if Murthy Law Firm Ready to Help , I am okay to book an appointment. Regards My Contact Number is **********