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  1. I'm currently on H1B in 4th year. NO pending green card/I-140 in the process. I want to attend a one-year study program and move to F1. The issue is that my H1B with current employer is expiring in 2months time. If I file F1 COS now, it might take more than 2 months and I will be out of status in the meantime. My question: Are the chances of denial higher if I go to and apply for F1 visa from my home country? (India). Or is it better to file COS while in US. I have an option to change employer with an approved H1B from them to tide over the F1 approval time.
  2. smvisa

    Reducing hours on H1B

    My current employer wants to reduce my work hours for a few months and pay me about 30% of my LCA quoted wages. I don't want to leave this company right now, what options do I have to be able to keep working with them?
  3. smvisa

    H1B to B1/B2

    My company might be undergoing restructuring soon. Before any layoff happen, I want to apply for a B1/B2 visa. - How easy or difficult it is to change status from H1B to B1/B2? - Can i transfer back on H1B easily when I have another suitable job offer?
  4. smvisa

    Passport pickup location after H1B stmping

    If you are planning to fly from Ottawa to Vancouver- won't you need your passport/visa?
  5. smvisa

    Need to fill new DS160 ??

    You have to fill a DS160 for Toronto specifically. When you start a new application (DS160)- it asks you about the consulate you want to go for interview as the first step. . The MRV fee if paid for Canada once is valid for one year- for any consulate in Canada.
  6. I went for my interview on 31st Dec. Visa approved. Here are my questions and timeline. Qs: You already stay and work in the US? How long have you stayed in __ (city)? Is this your first H1B? Is ___(company name) your employer? What is your title? What do you do? She typed something into her system and gave me the white sheet explaining - 'you will get an email from us in 3-5 business days on how to collect your passport' Timeline Interview: 31st Dec. Loomis picked up passport: 3rd Jan (2nd business day) Passport ready for pick-up: 6th Jan. (3rd business day) Toronto consulate is very small and they make you stand outside in freezing temp. but the overall experience was good.
  7. smvisa

    Visa approved in Toronto on 27-Dec

    wenger.swissHave you received your passport? I got approved on 31st same consulate but no update on ceac till now. it doesn't even say admin processing or ready. any idea why this might happen?
  8. At least carry the receipt (I-797) of your transfer petition. It is preferable if you don't travel unless it is approved, but legally you can travel with only the receipt and previously approved petition.
  9. If the passport is returned Is it possible to come back to the US instead of waiting in Canada in case one gets 221(g)?
  10. No, you can't. The visa fees is only for a specific country. You can change the consulate in Canada and the same fees can be applied. But you have to pay again if going for stamping in India.
  11. My H1b with company A was revoked when I was laid off. I accepted another job with Company B before my last day of employment with company B but the paperwork for H1b transfer through LCA etc took some time and I have about 22days from when Company A H1B was revoked and Company B's petition was receipted in USCIS. Though I started working 11days later on FedEx receipt. My I-94 was valid throughout and for next 5months. I got an RFE but my petition was approved, before expiry of my visa stamp and I-94. My Q: 1. Am I considered "out of status" for the days between Company A revoke date to Company B receipt date? 2. Does this mean I'm ineligible to go to Canada/Mexico for visa stamping and have to go to my home country? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  12. Has anyone got experience with getting visa stamping done in any of the European countries? I'm going to a conference and was wondering if getting a stamp in EU is advisable? My EU visa is valid for 90days so I can stay for additional days if it takes longer for processing.
  13. Could someone please post the currently available appointment dates in the Vancouver consulate? I'm deciding between getting the stamping done in Canada vs. India, so this information will help me in planning my travels.
  14. I'm on H1B visa and would like to join another company in US which is a recently formed US subsidiary of an Indian co. The Indian company is a Private Ltd. The US team has just 3 employees right now but the ex-US team is >100 and the company has many installations in Asia, Europe and Australia. They are entering the US market for the first time and building their team here. My questions: 1. will it being an indian parent company raise suspicion by USCIS? what steps can I take to avoid that? 2. the fact they haven't made any revenues yet (their product under FDA clearance) be an issue? 3. they haven't filed any taxes yet- they just incorporated few months back- will that be an issue? On a side note- if I get two offers, can I send in two H1B petitions and see which one gets approved and join that company? Thank you for help!