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    travel on B2 visa,H1b visa also stamped

    I would like to go on a visit in August last week to attend a marriage , I will not be working till October... But do I need to return to India and go to US again for working on H1 ? or Can i stay back in US and start my work from Oct??
  2. Hi Friends, I have a question and require your valuable answers ... I have a B2 Visa valid till Apr 2014, Recently I also got my H1b 2013 Visa stamped and i can work from Oct 1 2013. As I have both the visas on my passport ,Can I travel to US in August, Will there be a prob at immigration... Please provide your valuable inputs Thanks in Advance Regards Mukesh
  3. Hi Everyone, Iam going for First H1b Visa Stamp next week, is it fine if I carry print copy of the Client Lettter for interview or do i need to show the original one. Kindly provide your valuable inputs. Thanks Mukesh
  4. Hi Friends, Iam going for my First H1b Stamping and need some assistance regarding the documents. I have got the below checklist from online forums,Please let me know if I need to carry any other documents related to my employment apart from the below list Appointment letter DS-156 DS-157 Original I-797 A,B or C I-129, Petition for Nonimmigrant worker H Classification Supplement to Form I-129 H-1B Data Collection and Filing Fee Exemption Supplement Labor Condition Application for H-1B & H-1B1 Non immigrants H1B Visa Petition letter provided by your employer Employment Verification letter Letter from Client Pay stubs atleast last 3 months Kindly let me know if what other documents I need to carry . Regards, Ravi
  5. Hi Srinu , Need some help ... You mentioned that your friend got first h1b stamped in Kuwait,did he face any issue as he is third party national.. can you please findout and reply about his experience... Thank you
  6. Thanks for the reply... On my approval Notice it was mentioned that I need to file I-824 form to change the consulate....so do i really need to do this for changing the consulate from Mumbai to Saudi.. Please advice
  7. Hi Friends, My H1b Visa 2014 was approved,I currently hold B1/B2 visa and planning to go US on Visit in Aug, Can I start working from Oct without getting H1b Stamp , If I visit india after i start working without H1b Stamp,Will I face any serious problem while H1b stamping in India .. Please send your valuable answers Thank you Mukesh
  8. Hi Everyone , My H1b Petetion 2014 was approved recently and I have the below questions ... Iam a Indian national working in Saudi Arabia since 2 yrs ..while filing the petetion i have selected Mumbai,India for Visa Stamping .. I have sent an email to US Consulate ,Saudi asking whether I can get H1b stamp in Saudi and they replied saying I can attend for Visa Stamping in Saudi. 1. Now Can i change my stamping location from Mumbai to Saudi ,is there any process for doing this ??? 2.Since my start date would be Oct 1st 2013,How early I can attend for Visa Stamping ??? Please provide your valuable answers ... Thank you Regards, Mukesh
  9. med123

    First time H1b Stamping

    Hi everyone , Iam currently working in Saudi Arabia since 3 yrs ,My H1b petetion was approved and I need to go for H1b Stamp. Can I get my H1b Stamp in US Consulate in Saudi Arabia or Do i need to go to India? Because this is the First time H1b stamping i have no clear idea on this .. Please provide me your valuable inputs. Regards, Mukesh