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  1. HI I am planning to go for my 5th visa stamping in Canada(previous ones are in Mexico(1) and India(3)) and this will be my first time in Canada, trying to figure out 1.Looking for experiences for people who has got their 5th visa stamping or higher in Canada recently? 2.Anything particular Consulate location in Canada is preferable?
  2. Hi It's been a while since I stamped my visa ,am visiting india next week and looking to get my H1B visa and my wife H4 visa together,am wondering how to schedule an appointment together?
  3. mavrick29

    Replacement I-20

    Hi, I lost one of my I-20's when I was on F-1,I need that I-20 now to answer a query filed to start my PERM?what is the process to get a replacement I-20? Thanks
  4. Hi, I am trying to fill the following fields in DS-160 form for H4 visa,closest match I can get is the following but one is not allowed to work on H4...so what should be the appropriate answer for the following?please suggest Purpose of Trip to the U.S. (1): TEMPORARY WORKER (H) Specify: SPOUSE OF AN H (H4)