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  1. Its Payback time, I had my H1b interview in Vancouver today (July 11th). And the interview was straight forward. The Q's asked by VO are: 1) How long have you been with employer 2) Is this your first h1b 3) Who is your end client. 4)Did you have a masters And the only documents he asked for is LCA, 797 and Passport. The counter is 3 (Male VO). BTW I met 6 guys and every one got their visa approved. Contact me, Incase if you have any questions... -- Sam.
  2. ponugupati

    221g in vancouver white slip

    Hey Srikanth, Were there any other 221g's, I have the appointment on July 11th and nervous about the 221g's ratio. Thanks, Srini.
  3. ponugupati

    Visa stamping done @ Vancouver

    Congrats Dude, are there any 221g's on the day you attended stamping.
  4. ponugupati

    Accomodation Sharing @Vancouver from 10th July

    I have my contact email on profile, Contact me. I will be in Vancouver on July 10th for visa satmping too.
  5. Hey, I will be driving to Vancouver for VISA stamping on July 10th. If anyone has travel plan on same date, Please contact me. My profile has my email address. Thanks, Srini.
  6. Hey, I have a visa appointment on July 11th and will be in vancouver on July 10th. If anyone is interested to share the accommodation around July 10 to July 15, Please contact me. My profile has my email id. Thanks, Srini.
  7. ponugupati

    221G @ Vancouver Resolved in 9 Business Days

    Dude, Congrats, and so happy for you on getting the visa.. Sam.
  8. ponugupati

    July10th visa appointment in Vancouver

    Hey Dude, I have an appointment on July 11th and will be driving to vancouver on July 10th. My email address exists on my profile, Contact me. We can sync up... Srini.
  9. Hey Dude, Congrats for getting the visa.. When the VO asked for 797, Did you gave him the current 797 or the extension copy or both? Can you please help me as I am in the situation... Thanks, Sam.
  10. ponugupati

    H1B stamping Vancouver April 24 No Original Documents.

    Hey Kumar, The website address is not visible, Can you please email me the website address? You can find my email id in my profile. Thanks, Srini.
  11. You can update the 797 with out rescheduling the appointment by following below steps : 1. Reschudule appoinment... 2.Would you like to reschedule your appointment based on this exact information above? Yes 3.Click Edit Consulate name- here select the same consulate you are applying(or having interview) and submit 4.loomis - submit 5.continue 6.continue 7.Petition number - here update your latest petition number and submit 8.Petition number -here update Receipt Date: and Notice Date of the Approval: and submit 9.Dont select any date , as you are not going to reschedule it, just go to home page.
  12. ponugupati

    Visa Stamping Vancouver - Client Verification

    Normally they will send an email to client to confirm if you are working at their place. Call your manager and inform him. How old is your client letter? If the client letter you provided is very old, they might call your client to confirm. Thanks, Sri
  13. You can use the regular US passport photos, This should work.
  14. Sagi, I came to know that with out rescheduling the appointment we can change 797 Petition information. You can edit the info........ 1. Reschudule appoinment... 2. It asks for same location or not(put Yes) 3. There will be 3 sections like( personal info, location and loomis location) 4. We need edit Personal info, like selecting again vancouver,richmond, h1b, EAC number, dates then submit...