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  1. Neda

    Suspension with Pay pending investigation

    A person won't be suspended just for browsing the site. Usually those sites will be blocked if they are against company's policies. I strongly believe that something else happened, its not just browsing the site.
  2. Neda

    Company-A Revoke & Company - B RFE

  3. Since this is your first H1, you cannot file for H1 transfer without working for your initial H1 sponsoring employer. Tell your implementing partner that you need time and once your H1 is approved and have 1 or 2 pay checks then file for H1 transfer.
  4. First check with your H1 attorney and then plan for interview.
  5. Neda

    non cs speciality occupation RFE

    There are 100's of applicants who received this RFE. As per the rules, for H1 approval you need to have atleast 4 years of bachelors degree or 12 yrs of work exp directly related to your H1 job. or you have to prove that your bachelor's degree is related to your H1 job. This is an existing rule not a newly implemented memorandum. USCIS just started enforcing it.
  6. Neda

    Parents visit

    Frequent visits within a year is a red flag. They will be visiting US to see their daughter and their grand child (after delivery), that's it. No need to mention about pregnancy unless some asks.
  7. Dude, just find a full time job, not a fraud consulting firm. END OF THE STORY.
  8. Neda

    Change of Status From H1 to F1

    If you take that route then you have to say good bye to US.
  9. Forgot about it. My cousin brother is a US Citizen and he can't sponsor my GC.
  10. Neda

    Call from District Attorney

    Website doesn't matter. I can call you and say that I am from IRS, but how do you verify whether I am working for IRS or not?? THINK.....!!!!!
  11. Yes, myself. Luckily I have both Master's and bachelor's degree related to my H1 job.
  12. Neda

    Call from District Attorney

    Simple, find a new employer. AKAIK, this employer cannot take any legal action against you since you haven't signed any document
  13. Neda

    H1 Transfer - If denied