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  1. Thank You all for your responses. @irarum: I did not see anything on DS-160 form asking about I-140. I already asked my previous company about a copy of approved I-140 and they are not comfortable giving it. The manager said he should think about it and he will let me know. @premkalyan521: I also recently heard about FOIA and I am going it place the request for I-140. One of my friend said she placed a request for her I-140 approved copy 6 months back and she is still waiting to hear some reply or some documents from USCIS. Since I already made plans for my Visa interview. I think I will move forward with it. Fingers crossed.
  2. Hi All I have scheduled my Visa Interview in Vancouver in Dec 2016. Few months back I moved from Company A to Company B. So now I am attending Interview with new I-797 approval through Company B. I have my 140 approved through company A (I was with them for a long time) but Company A is still in negotiation with me whether to keep my 140 or revoke it. So If a VO asks any questions related to my PERM LC or 140 what should I say? I have no paper information of my 140 apart from my previous companyA telling that I have my 140 approved. Please reply. Thank You!
  3. priya162122


    Congrats nalla85 .... Thanks for sharing your experience.
  4. priya162122

    Availability of visa dates at Ottawa consulate

    There are plenty of dates available in Ottawa in March and April
  5. priya162122

    VISA Stamp - Passport Pickup Timeline- CANADA OTTAWA

    Sandy6 Try calling loomis and give your name and passport details they might be able to give details if they have ur passport. For me the status on ceac was in ready but they told to give at least a day to send passport to loomis but I called loomis rigt away and they said my passport is there with them so I went a colledcted it.
  6. priya162122

    H-1B processing time Ottawa

    chandrabk I have attended in ottawa last yr, the VO told me everything is looking and the status will be updated in the ceac website the white paper he will give you once the interview is done, for me it initially it was under "processing" for 1 day and then changed to "Admin processing" and after 4 days the status changed to approved, If the VO says you got visa you can expect the approved status in 4-5 working days. Hope this helps... I am also planning to attend in ottawa again.Please share your visa experience so that we can Plan. Thank You Priya
  7. vikky789 you can tell them you have come here for the visa interview and show them the print out of your appointment with US consulate you are good they wont ask any further questions.
  8. priya162122

    Visa stamp process help

    Hi I am not sure where to attend, but usually people attend in Vancouver, canada. But one of my colleague attend in jamaica and he got approved. Below are the check list for h1 visa stamping:(THIS MAY NOT BE ALL OF THEM BUT PRETTY MUCH COVERS ALL) 1. Consolidated List of Documents Required:I-797A approval form 2. Employment Verification Letter indicating nature of work(position), duration(date hired) and salary 3. Offer Letter from Present Company 4. I-129 petition for a non-immigrant worker 5. H Classification Supplement to Form I-129 6. H1-B Data collection and Filing Fee Exemption Supplement 7. Certified Labor Condition Application (LCA) 8. Petitioner's Letter submitted in support of the I-129 petition 9. Company Year Papers (Annual Report)/(Brochure) 10. Company Tax documents 12. Last (Recent) Quarter tax Returns. 13. W2's (all the years) + Your Previous years IT Tax returns filed with Federal and state 14. Statement of Work. (including Current SOW) 15. Pay stubs (@least 6months) 16. Bank Statements (showing the pay cheque deposits into your account matching your pay stubs) 16. client letters, vendor letter's, 17. SOW's between client and vendor 18. Photographs (your company photographs and your also carry your work station photographs) 20. Employee Employer relationship docs.(Status meetings emails with employer, and time sheets, benefits provided by employer , and so on ) 21. Company - Employee ID Card/Badge (if available) 23.DS 160 conformation page 24. Appointment confirmation letter 25.PIMPS verification update 26. resume with updated client names
  9. priya162122

    Can I attend H1B ext stamping prior to its start

    Thanks guys..... cbalajih1 Good Luck on your Interview..... I am also planning to attend in ottawa, since last time I have attended in same place. And I got approved, Make sure you have all color print out since last time I had one document which was in black because I forgot to get the original I took a print out, the VO complained on that, I thought he will reject mine because of this, but lucky I had client documents in all color, so he was satisfied and approved my visa. And do share your experience.
  10. Hi All I have my H1B stamping is valid till April 10th 2014, and I got approved with 3 yrs H1B ext which is till next April 2017, Can I attend Visa interview before April 10th 2014? If so if I get rejected/revoked will my existing stamping till April 10th 2014 will also be revoked? Please help me I am unable to decide when I have to attend for stamping. Thank You all in advance for your responses Priya
  11. Hi All All of you attended visa interview in Ottawa? or some other place? I have visa interview on 29th April @10:30. Please share your experiences with the VO question so that I can prepare and plan accordingly.
  12. Hi All I need help please any one who knows please let me know. I scheduled an appointment in ottawa, canada on May 1st 2013, But before I have given my old i-797 number. Now,I got my H1B amendment approved and I need to update my new I-797 number. Please let me know Website: https://usvisa-info.com Thank You in Advance Priya
  13. Hi Ramasri9999/Raj786 I am in same situation i got RFE for my H1B amendment and we replied to it still waiting for the response, and I have to leave the country on 14th April. So can you please tell me what your lawyer told? Is it OK to leave when the H1B amendment is in progress,Will the uscis denies my petition because i left the country when this is in progress. If my Amendment is denied can I attend visa interview with my old H1B. Please let me know your valuable suggestions are needed. Priya
  14. priya162122

    how to Update New H1-B Petition Number

    Hi All I have a question regarding the visa stamping with out H1B amendment When I got my visa last yr I was with Client A but now I moved to Client B My Employer changed my LCA but did not do the H1B amendment, he says I dont need to do the H1 Amendment because my job responsibilities are same in Client A and Client B. So is this true? Please guide me Thanks in Advance!!