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  1. Greetings all, My wife and I have our interviews scheduled in the FO. I have several folks suggest that it won't be a bad idea to take a lawyer with me to the interview. I'd like to hear some suggestions on this. Than you! Bob
  2. All, Can applicants applying for AOS through diveristy lottery have their interviews waived? I've read on different forums that it can be waived and in some other forums that DV applicants will have an interview at their field office. Does not seem to have a straight answer! Thanks! Bob
  3. Hi All, I'll be filing for my I-485 next month. I'm Doing some document preparation. I just got recently married (Jan 2013) and we are trying to create joint documents. Because of our work conditions (we are both on H1b) we both live and work in different cities. We cannot file our taxes jointly because the marriage happened this year. We both have accounts in local credit unions. I was hoping to get some advice on what the best way to create some joint documents would be (since rental, lease, utility,, tax etc. are out of question because of our circumstances). Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. On a different note, do both have to submit the paystubs and tax details or is it just the primary applicant? Thanks! Bob