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  1. Hi GC i am also in the same sitation . can u plsa divse if u have any info on this one.
  2. gopim

    I140 and multiple job change

    Hi Nair. I am laso in the same sitution .can u pls let me know did u have any info to use approved 140 form comapny A to Compacny C to get 3 Eyars of H1 Extnesion a sin my case company B is not filing PERM.
  3. gopim

    140 withdraw status

    Hi belle, thnaks for the info. What is FOIA. How can i request it. Also If i wanted to move Company C in this case can i use my Company A approved 140 to get 3 Year Extentison as Company B not filing my GC
  4. Hi All need some expertise help for my situation. 140 approved with company a in Jan 2012 and moved to company B in Apr 2012. My h1b Expires in 1 Year. but Company B said they will not be able to file my Labor and 140 due to some issues Can i go back to company A? how can i check if my previous company didn't withdraw 140 petition or not? in case if my previous Company didn't With draw my petition then can I move to company A and can i get H1B Extenion based on Previos company 140 approval or not? pls advise
  5. Hi All, Need information in moving to old employer.apprecite ur help. I was working for company A in 2012 and I had valid H1B Approval until 2012 with Company A. In 2012 October I got Fulltime Offer and transferred my H1B to company B and working now for the same company. Unfortunately due to company mergers there will be laid offs in December 2013 in the current company. In case of Laid Off I wanted to move back to Company A which got my valid H1B until Sept 2013. Can I move to company A in December 2013/January 2014 even though my H1B with company A Expires in Sept 2013 without any H1 Transfer or do I need to again Transfer my H1B to company A? Appreciate ur help