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  1. Can I work after h1b extension denial with valid h1b stamping? Employer will file another h1b extension again but can I work till my valid h1b visa date ? Or can I only work after another extension is filed?
  2. Hi, I am also planning to goto Jamaica, Kingston on the same date. Will contact you soon with details.
  3. I am also planning to go on same date. Will contact you soon with details.
  4. I am also planning to go on same date. Will contact you soon with details.
  5. Sujith

    Travel to India on OPT with H1B approved

    Thanks for the response. But I was told by my attorney that there are people who traveled with expired visa and returned back to US just on OPT validity. I know entrance is completely on the discretion of POE officer but want to know which factors affect my chances of coming back. I have to attend an important function in India and hence would like to know the probability of rejection.
  6. Hi, My F1 Visa expires on May 23 2013 and OPT will expire on July 9 2013. I will be applying for H1 B premium processing in April 2013. I am planning to travel to India on May 8th 2013 and return by May 14th 2013. Can I return USA on OPT ? Will there be any issues at POE with H1B approval on my record and nearing dates of expiry on both F1 and OPT dates? Do I have obtain Cap Gap VIsa before travel to India? Please advise.
  7. Hi, I am trying to apply visitor visa for Canada online. I am going for premium processing and I need to for stamping as soon as possible. Hence need to get few things done in advance. While submitting documents online , I am being asked to submit Invitation Letter ( I dont have anyone in Canada to send me invitation letter. Itinerary Plan ( I havent yet received my H1 Approval, hence I havent made any travel plans) Can I apply destination as one place while applying for Travel Visa and attend to H1 B interview in a different place in Canada? Any clarifications on this will be greatly appreciated. Thanks