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  1. Altras

    Pay Stubs

    You might get into trouble if USCIS finds out or requests you for your paystubs for further continuation or future OPT or H1 B process. The best possible thing for you is to file a complaint with the Department of Labor where your company is registered. In that way you can have that as proof and submit same for request for evidence. This might be a help for yourself. Include photos of the site in complaint file to make your case stronger.
  2. Altras

    Need help in filling form i983 for STEM OPT

    For site address: He has to fill the site address where he is working. Company Address Should be the same as the site address. Or on the head quarters letter header there will be already the company name and location they can write the work site location in the offer letter. The letter header is supporting letter to the form he fills.
  3. Altras

    Working more than 40 hours on CPT

    No. there won't be any.
  4. Altras

    Port of entry issues on B1/B2 visa

    Did not hear yet, might hear soon. but you can try to postpone your plans as it is not recommended now until summer.
  5. Altras

    Full time job- business travel required!

    Download the email what sundar pichai has sent to google employees and forward it to your employer. Let him know I can't travel I am in same situation. If he still asks you to go then probably he might not like your work/the company might have strong attorneys. You can take Risk for yourself, It should not be for some one else. If the company supports now and in future then may be you can travel.
  6. Altras

    Traveling to India next week- GC holder

    Did you get G.C after marrying women from here or did you guys meet in India. Heard that they were going to screen all the past records. So if you are a skilled worker then you should not be worried. If you are a dependent then also you should not worried. Unless you are a semi skilled and married a woman from here, these kind of scenarios might affect.
  7. Altras

    Travel to India - GC Holder

    Do you guys really read/follow news or just follow all the rumors shared across social media? Paul Ryan today afternoon said there was a confusion on how that was understood about G.C, Citizen's and translator special immigrants. please google what and how it is being wrongly spread across your local channels. They are selling fake news to panic people like you all. p.s: about documents please consult your company attorney.
  8. Altras

    Travel to India

    Marriage is more important than staying here and getting insulted. Go ahead you'll be alrite when you come back. (Personal Suggestion) There won't be any one ready with garland to welcome any of you guys at US port of entry or insult you. It is normal process. Unless you have any hidden issues with pay stubs or lca.
  9. Altras

    Travelling to India - 2/2/2017

    If I had to travel. I would travel would not worry about all the stuff. You decide if you have important work scheduled that you can attend/schedule for future then don't travel.
  10. Altras

    Sevis reinstatement after h1b denial

    Find another accredited university as early as possible to start your 2nd masters. Do not delay, approach an attorney too. Do not repeat the same mistake your employer has done by joining a non-accredited university or delaying in checking with attorney. their consultation fees is as minimum as 200 or even less and some of them offer first consultation free. So write all your questions and then approach, that can save your career for future.
  11. if there is something as premium consider do it. Or consider the above suggestion.
  12. Altras

    10 years old girl Student visa

    please go through https://www.-************* if you have any questions you can call/e-mail the visa office in India the city your cousin is living. may be they can help you with more information.
  13. Altras

    F1 OPT Extension Intern

    I do not understand the concept of intern. If you are offered a job then definitely you can apply any company that you would like to work for. The intern concept does not apply for H1 B or L1 visa's. If you have done your masters and you are on opt yes you can join who ever offers an offer letter with length of extension more or equal to your opt status end date or no date, they should be e-verified and should be paying you good.
  14. Generally we get our taxes off from pay check ran by employer. I am not sure why these have not been paid from your pay check.
  15. Altras

    OPT expiring but my project is not.

    Yes you need to quit job if you do not have new opt extension validity or if your H1 B is not starting. Do not go for CPT unless you plan to do it. It's better go for a vacation/end job or it will be a big issue if there's a pay check/cash service/ free service provided in this time period.