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  1. Reddi

    My Password will expire in 1 year.

    That is not an issue. You have to carry all the old and new passports at all the times. No worries.
  2. Reddi

    H1/H4 stamping Query

    looks like you have valid VISA and I-94 till Jan 2017. So no issues in this case. If you don;t have valid visa stamping then you must and should go to either drop box or VISA interview for new stamping based on your eligibility. and one more thing, before you travel back to USA, meanwhile if you get new I-797 extension copy then you need to carry that only as it shows your I-94 validity and that is the proof for latest I-94 copy.
  3. Reddi

    Status of old H1 changed in UCICS Website...

    Your employer was not even providing your employment letter. then how did you accept and aggreed with your employer to work. Did you sign on any documents. If you do recollect and revisit all those documents. anyway nothing to worry, you already moved to different employer and also you got I-140 approval. So no issues. Jan 2017, so many new changes also introducing for immigrants and non-immigrants visas. you have already 1-140 so you would be beneficial out of that new rules from USCIS. No worries and no stress out about this matter.
  4. Reddi

    H1B with multiple employers

    No issues until unless you joined and start with new employer. anyway POE they might be ask you pay-stubs , I-797 for your current employer. Be-careful while showing the documents.
  5. Reddi

    H1B Revoked

    How come by mistakenly it would happen. Really crazy people you guys. Ask your employer to withdraw that revocation request and also same time you can try to file new petition with different employer in premium process.
  6. Reddi

    H1b Max Out Calculation

    Irrespective of any VISA you stayed in USA, you have to calculate only for h1b duration and also Here are some exceptions that might help you: You have a labor certification that was filed more than 365 days ago that’s been approved AND a pending I-140 (“Green Card”) petition - you’re eligible for a seventh year Your employer filed a labor certification that’s been pending for 365 days - you’re eligible for a seventh year Your I-140 petition was approved - you’re eligible for a three year extension no matter how long your labor certification has been pending.
  7. Reddi

    Unused/Expired approved and stamp H1B Visa

    your visa got expired so you have to go to VISA interview for stamping under h1b cap exempt. you can just simply transfer from L1 to H1b as your visa got expired and also you already in USA with different VISA.
  8. Reddi

    H1 Reopen query

    You have to go fresh h1 as you already entered one time in the USA. if you didn't enter into USA then you would have to get chance under h1b cap exempt.
  9. Reddi

    H1B Amendment

    My answers are here - 1. Seems the current job responsibilities change significantly, not matching to with the responsibilities mentioned in the original petition (current petition). 2. Once it is filed for amendment and get the file receipt then you can start immediately. 3. As your new position is in the "different" job classification. 4. your priority date will be the same. that never changes.
  10. Usually premium process means they would consider your file and start the process immediately but when you get RFE request then again it would take bit more time( 2-3 weeks). No issues and wait for next 1-2 weeks. one more thing in November and December usually everyone will be on the vacation and files process also bit slow.
  11. Reddi

    H1B visa transfer

    you have 2 options here. 1. Either you can use visa stamped from previous company even if you are working for different company also. 2. You can go for visa stamping with new employer. Better to reentry in USA with old visa only as if we consider the current situation and now a days for visa gets stamping.
  12. Reddi

    H1B amendment RFE

    Really its very difficult to manage and provide the proof. May be you can try with these 2 options: 1. Try to file for new petition with different client. 2. Try to re-amendment with premium process if you have any proof it would shows as last moment confirmation and joining at client location.
  13. 1. client letter or MSA or SOW any of these documents. 2. yes you can apply with new client also. 3. No matter and won;t impact for anything,
  14. Reddi

    H1B stamping query

    Nothing will happen. Go ahead for stamping. You can apply for any no of petitions and also you can work with only one of the approved petition out of all. No need to revoke any kind of visa.
  15. Reddi

    Complicated H1 Transfer Please Help

    First thing your i94 got expired. that means day1 you will be out of status in usa. And also you will be accounted illegal stay in usa. its not fair. Usually u will have chance to apply for new file from different employer that your i94 getting expiry soon and also worst case within 3 days you should have get extension even i94 expired.