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  1. kranti_surya

    Staying for more than 180 days on B2 visitor Visa

    Thanks for the replies
  2. kranti_surya

    Surname spelling

    Should not be a problem, as long as the name in passport and visa application are same. To be safe, ask them to carry a copy of your birth certificate and affidavit if required.
  3. kranti_surya

    Queries of Visitor Visa for Parents

    1. This is not a problem. My mother doesn't speak English, my father answered all the questions and their visa interview went through smooth. 2. One DS-160 per applicant 3. You can take a group appointment; Appointment system should show an option like "is anyone else travelling with you?", you can use that option 4. Shouldn't be a problem either way. I am not sure of the paper work required if the parents are sponsoring themselves. Whereas, there is abundant information available online if you plan to sponsor them. 5. AOS-134 is mandatory if you plan to sponsor. Not sure about the other case, no harm in carrying it though 6. Here is the checklist I had used - Affidavit of Support (Form I-134) Copy of my H1B approval notice (Form I-797) Copy of my visa, and I-94 Copy of my wife's visa and I-94 My birth certificate and affidavit My wife's birth certificate and affidavit Letter of employment - Copy of last two pay stubs Copy of my recent bank statement and stock asset statement Bank account verification letter Copy of last two years’ tax returns and W2's Invitation Letter to Father's and Mother's Letter to Consulate Father's Interview Letter Mother's Interview Letter Father's DS-160 Mother's DS-160 Affidavit for Property - Parent's Affidavit-Assurance for Return- Parent's Father's Passport Mother's Passport Father's Photographs Mother's Photographs Father's NOC from Employer
  4. I booked tickets from my mother-in-law to stay in USA for 6 months. I was under assumption that one could stay on visitor visa for 6 months, however I read on couple of sites that maximum stay in USA on visitor visa is 180 days. My mother-in-law's total stay from the date of arrival to the date of departure comes up to 182 days. How much of a problem is this? What is the maximum stay duration? Can my mother-in-law get an I-94 for 182 days? Please let me know. Thanks!!