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  1. doubtfeb2013

    H1b transfer in India

    Hi, I have stamped H1b visa from a company (Emp-A) in India. The stamping valid till sep 2019. 1. Can I transfer my visa to a new employer (Emp-B) based in US, referred by a friend in the US and I am living in India 2. What will happen to my Emp-A H1b stamping if my h1b transfer filed by Emp-B rejected by USCIS 3. Can I still travel from Emp-A once I get project even if my Emp-B transfer is rejected. 4. What is my H1b status with Emp-a 5. I am at the moment working for Emp-a in India. thanks df
  2. doubtfeb2013

    h1b - GC EB1

    Hi, I am working for IT company A for past 14 years in India, i will be moving to USA this October 2016 on a H1b visa for a senior system analyst role. I am a manager in India and have reporting people near 15. Due to the position in onsite is a Senior system analyst I have applied H1b for the same with senior system analyst role and responsibilities. I am seeking suggestion from this forum for GC eligibility criteria in EB1 as multinational manager. I also have a project manager position available in USA where i will be owning a department and make business decision of my own and reporting to senior management. My first question is can I switch my roles from senior system analyst to project manager once i complete 3 months in USA ? If yes do i qualify for GC under EB1 multinational manager. thanks df
  3. doubtfeb2013

    H1B1 and not H1b

    But, I have received I129 with H1b1 in india from a US employer stamped in Indian US consulate and went to US and returned back in year 2000. I agree your point, that H1B1 for Chile/Singapore is started from Jan 2004. Any expert opinion pls ?
  4. doubtfeb2013

    H1B1 and not H1b

    Hi, I had H1B1 (Not H1b) visa in the year 2000, I got it stamped in India and worked in US for 2 years. Now this H1b1 is only for singapore / chile people became active on January 1, 2004 Can any advanced member/senior can explain me what is the visa type H1B1 before year 2004, did they had agreement with India for H1b1 visa also ? thanks db
  5. doubtfeb2013

    L1a Individual vs L1a Blanket

    Hi, What is the difference between L1a Individual and L1a Blanket visa ? thanks DF
  6. doubtfeb2013

    h1b to GC

    Hi, I have having 4 years visa left in my h1b. My assumption is if I file GC can i stay in the US for ever ? correct or wrong, pls explain with examples. Any time lines to get GC on EB1 or EB2 etc. I am a IT professional with 3 yrs bachelors degree. sorry if my doubts are very basic :) thanks\ DF
  7. doubtfeb2013

    Unused H1b approved years

    Jairichi,Thanks for your response. Any idea what is the processing fees and timeline to after USCIS accepts the application ?
  8. doubtfeb2013

    Unused H1b approved years

    Jairichi, Its almost 13 years over, can i still look for people who can take up my case ? thanks df
  9. doubtfeb2013

    Unused H1b approved years

    Hi, I had H1b from July 2000 to October 2002 stamped, i lived in US just for 14 months(from aug 2000 to nov 2001) is there any chance to apply for the remaining unused period ? sorry if its as stupid question :) thanks DF
  10. Hi, Can we work in the USA if we have a Visa is UK Tier 2 General visa ? thanks DF
  11. doubtfeb2013

    h1b by two companies

    if I choose the best and what if my applicaiton is not selected in lottery ?
  12. doubtfeb2013

    h1b by two companies

    Hi, I am working in India, with 12+ yr exp in IT industry. My current employer in India will file H1b this year quota. I also got an offer from USA company to file H1b. Both are different company. My question is : Can I file two H1b's with different company ? What will happen if my two applicaitons go into Lottery system ? Thanks Mr. Doubt
  13. doubtfeb2013

    am I eligibility?

    catx,rahul412 and t75, Wonderful summary, now its clear there is a long way to go, i am no where near that. Let me see who can file EB2 at this moment. I once again thank for your responses. have a wonderful day. thanks doubt.
  14. doubtfeb2013

    am I eligibility?

    rahu14, thanks for your response. I am in IT programming field, what is the best suitable category for me, so you know ? pls help. GC means green card, this is something i have to apply once i land in US ? Else I can apply for GC from India itself using this EB2 cagetory ?
  15. Hi, B.com graduate : year 1993 to 1996 MCSD : year 1998 DIPLOMA : year 1997 Working in IT Industry as Technical Leader since 1998 to till date, 14+ yrs of IT programming experience. 10 + yrs exp in current company in India. Have traveled to few countries for project work. can I file a EB2 visa from India. Do I need a offer letter from an american company ? thanks Mr. Doubt :)