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  1. I did not provide any itenary to apply canadian visitor visa and I got my visa.
  2. H1Visa639

    Successful Stamping in Ottawa

    ranvan - I have done computer courses in my undergrad and also have oracle certification. I also had training in related field after my bachelors (actually I took training after my btech and I had that certificate with me) ssK114 - To be honest the chances for this question is very less. I case if VO asks we can say canada and us are in the same time zone incase my employer needs me in emergency I can help him. Travelling to india is like 30hrs journey and i dont have that much vacation. Finally, Ottawa is very good place. I have seen lot of cases getting approved.
  3. I wanted to share my visa interview experience which was on Feb 26, 9:30am. I went to ottawa embassy. Below are the questions asked. 1) who is your employer? 2) what are ur roles and responsibilities? 3) how long are you working? 4) how long have you been living in USA? 5) where did you do ur masters? 6) what is the major? 7) How is your job title related to ur field of study? (I am from non-it background) 8) where do you live? VO said "I am approving your visa" and given me a slip to track tthe passport. My PIMS was good so I got the email from loomis on feb 27 5:00 pm which means next day. on Feb 28 I picked up my pass port and Came back to states. Hope this helps....
  4. Hi sankeerth, The Air Faires are too high. I am not sure about driving. Hi shortDuck, So did you give ur I94 while u were returning to USA? Thanks,
  5. H1Visa639

    CANADA Driving Experience

    Hi sankeerth, I have a question about my I 94. I have my current I 94 which was issued to me when I was in Opt. Do I need to return it to CBP? I am going to canada by bus. Have u returned your I 94?
  6. Hi All, I am planning to travel in bus from NYC to Ottawa. What is the the process for returning the I 94? Do i need to return it at the grayhound or Canada-US customs? Have any one travelled in bus? Plese share your experiences.. Thanks,
  7. Thanks Sankeerth. Your inputs are very helpful. I have my interview on Feb 26 in ottawa.
  8. H1Visa639

    Any one has appointment in ottawa around Feb 26

    Hi DPTL and Econolodge, I have my visa interview on Feb 26 9:30am. I have hotel reservation. Thanks,
  9. H1Visa639

    Port of entry in toronto

    Hi rsaiprasad.08, i have my interview in ottawa on feb 26. thanks
  10. Hi, Does anyone have the appontment in ottawa on feb 26? Please respond..
  11. Hi, Congratulations on your Visa approval. I have seen lot posts in this forum. In some cases they took only passport and in some cases they took their I 797 too.
  12. Hi, If anyone is interested to share the accomodation during this time Please reply. I have a reservation in good hotel in ottawa west. Thanks
  13. Harinath, I made a resevation in Holiday Inn in ottawa west 11.2 miles from consulate. Thanks,
  14. H1Visa639

    VISA Interview 25th FEB - Ottawa - Canada

    Hi Pranav, I have my appointment on Feb 27 in ottawa consulate. Please let me know your contact details. Thanks,
  15. Hi, I am planning to drive from NJ to ottawa some time during Feb 28 and March 05. If any one else is planning to go ottawa during the same time and interested to join me, please repond to my email id on my profile. Thanks and Wish you Good Luck