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  1. Hi gkk, Did you visit and got stamping done? I am in the same situation of having 6 months remaining on H1b at the time of stamping interview. I did not schedule an interview yet though. If you already attended an interview, could you please let me know if we have to submit documents physically before the visa interview or we have to carry them only at the time of interview? Thanks, AKP
  2. AKP117

    Travel for H1B stamping

    Thank you @jairichi.
  3. AKP117

    Travel for H1B stamping

    Hi, I work as a postdoc in laboratory. I want to visit India this December, get stamping and return in January.I will only have 6 months remaining on my i797 at the time of stamping interview. My question is would that be an issue for stamping? My H1b visa will be extended for another year, but my company attorney does it only in the last minute.any experiences or suggestions are welcome.
  4. Dear forum members, Here is my situation- I currently work as a postdoc at an academic institution and have filed petition under EB2-NIW category with the help of a lawyer. After filing the application in EB2-NIW, now my lawyer thinks that I can file in EB1-A as my citations and other aspects in my profile have been improved. So, I will most likely be filing under EB1-A with in a month or two. My postdoc contract is going to end in 4-6 months and I am looking for positions. I am currently receiving calls from industries/companies. The nature of work or job specialization will be same as that of my MS/PhD degree, but will not exactly match with that of research area that I described/describe in EB2-NIW or EB1-A applications. So my questions is - can I change jobs from research at an academic institution to a company while my i-140 petitions are in progress? Or is it a must to continue in research? Thanks, AK
  5. AKP117

    F1 to F2 and then to H4

    Hi, I am currently under OPT, which will expire in June 2014. I got a job and the employer will be processing my H1B in a way that it starts right after my OPT ends. My spouse is in F1 status, whose job will end this december and OPT ends in April. My spouse has 60days OPT left which can be used to find another job. Incase we do not find a job, I am thinking to convert status from F1 to F2 and later to H4 based on my H1 processing. My questions- 1) F1 to F2..am not sure how long it takes. May be 3-6 months. 2) While F2 application is in progress (assuming 3-6 months and my H1 processing would have already started by then), can I initiate again a H4 application for my spouse? If I can, do I have to withdraw F2 application? Is that possible? Thanks In advance,
  6. Hi, Please evaluate my profile. Many people whom I asked about the possible category for GC application suggested both EB-1 and EB-2 NIW. So I am confused. Graduated with PhD in Civil/Environmental Engrg. in Dec 2011 from a US University. Since then I am working as a Post Doc in the same lab. My Phd work is from DOE funded project with significant national interest. My boss said he can prove that I fall in top 10% in my field with my research. All graduate funding - from a research grant award given to me based on my credentials. So far I have 4 journal papers published as first author 2 papers under review-first author I have won a proposal award (national level competition) with myself as lead author from EPA student competition (EPA P3 Award), with published information about it in my university with my name and EPA website. Presented at 6 international conferences-first author 2 peer reviewed conference papers-first author 2 posters at international conferences-first author So far Citations-12 In my postdoc work with NSF funding, (with three top schools), I have been working on Education and Outreach activities with community college students and school teachers to take the research to the school syllabus level via demonstration of models to students and some research work. Recently my outreach work has been featured among the four universities news letter and will be submitted to NSF.
  7. Number of publications vary with field of study. It is common to have more number of publications for a particular stream of engineering than other. So my boss said that 4 publications is not considered less in my field considering the specific area that I work with. So he said we can prove that my work falls in top 10% category.
  8. AKP117

    Help needed with few Q's

    Thank you. He does. University is not paying..so does not matter.
  9. Hi, I am PhD in engineering currently working as a postdoc at a university. I have this job until next year. I am currently under OPT extension. My lawyer at the university promised me that with my current credentials, he can get my i 140 approved in 4 months under NIW, EB-2 category. However as I am from India, I have to wait longer to get adjustment of status. I have following questions- My husband and myself are looking for jobs . In case we do not get jobs in the same city, I may have to quit my job temporarily. 1) what happens if I quit job after my i 140 approval? As the NIW petition do not require sponsorship, do I still have to maintain my status as H1b? 2) Can I work in any research lab part time? 3) Can I work in a company after my i140 approval belonging to the same field as my degree? 4) How long can I stay without job after i140 approval before I find another job? Thanks In advance,
  10. AKP117

    Help needed with few Q's

    Thank you very much!