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  1. My mother in law is house wife. In that case can we answer the question "Who is going to pay for the trip" as "Self" ? Thanks and Regards, Prasad
  2. Hi, My in laws visitor visa rejected two years back at Mumbai consulate for 214(b). We are planning to re-apply now just for my mother-in-law first. in DS 160 - There is question about who is going to pay for the trip ? What should we fill here - Self or my name as my wife is on H4 and don't work here. As per Mumbai consulate website description for 214(b) - The consular officer must be convinced that the applicant: Has a home outside the United States that he or she will not abandon; Is visiting the United States temporarily and will leave when the stated purpose of travel is complete; Is able to pay for the trip; and Meets the requirements of the visa type for which he or she is applying. The third point is "Applicant should be able to pay for the trip" First time we filled up as my name for paying the trip. 1. What should we do for this time for the above question in DS 160 ? 2. This time we are thinking to apply only for mother in law. Is it ok? 3. Also is it advisable to ask for congressman letter supporting her case? will it be any negative impact with such kind of letter? Let us know if any more information required. Appreciating your help on this. Thanks and Regards, Prasad