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  1. Hello Friends, I live in Dallas, TX and am planning to visit Cancun (Mexico) for a week in December 2018. I currently hold valid H1B (I797) until Sep 2020 however my H1B stamping on Passport is expired. I read from various forums that I can re enter US with expired H1B stamping as long as we have valid I797 using Automatic re-validation rule. I would like to know if anyone tried this process recently from either Mexico or Canada and is there any risk associated ? As I do not have Valid Visa stamping on my Indian passport, Do I need to obtain Mexican Visa? If I need to obtain Mexican Visa, where do I apply for it? Is it in the nearest Mexican consulate or will it be on arrival visa in mexico? I read lot of articles around this and could not get proper information. One of my cousins also interested to travel along with us who entered US on F1 Visa and changed to H1b this October. So he has F1 Visa stamping on his Indian passport and approved I 797 with him. Does the automatic re-validation Visa rule apply to him or he need to go for H1 B stamping? Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thaks, Prash
  2. pachhu44

    H1B - Work From Home

    Hello Friends, I work on EVC model and my current H1b is valid until Sep 2017 with primary location as MN (Client location where I work). My wife got a job in Texas and we are planning to move there completely. When I discussed with my client, they are ok if I work from Home in Texas. My employer filed for my H1b extension with 3 locations MN (Client Location), MI (Employer Location) and TX (Work from Home Location) in the LCA. I have also obtained a client letter mentioning I will be primarily working from Home in TX and client location is MN. As I will be working Primarily from Texas and sometimes I travel to client location, Could you please let me know if my payroll should run in state of MN or TX? Also Could you please let me know if USCIS accept Work from Home or will there be any issues with my H1b extension? Thanks, Prashant
  3. pachhu44

    Employer under VISA fraud

    Thanks for the suggestions guys. H1b is transferred to a new employer successfully.
  4. pachhu44

    Travelling to India with H1 Amendement under process

    Update: We entered through Dallas port of entry and no questions asked about Amendment. It was pretty smooth.
  5. Just to give an update, my wife's H1b transfer got approved after the RFE replied by the attorney.
  6. pachhu44

    H1 tarsnfer RFE to H4

    Thanks for your reply Satish. Her H1b transfer got approved :) A big relief for us.
  7. pachhu44

    H1 tarsnfer RFE to H4

    Hello, My wife is in a complicated situation and would need your suggestions. My wife has H1b from Employer A which is valid till Sep 2017. Around 6 months ago Employer 'A' had audit on some of their Visa processing and they are not in a position to operate. So they merged with Employer 'B' who took the responsibility of all H1s from Employer 'A' and filed an amendment (not sure why). The amendment was in pending for almost 7 to 8 months and meanwhile my wife changed her employer and initiated H1b Transfer to Employer 'C'. However, around the same time she started the h1B transfer process, an RFE was issues on her H1b Amendement with Employer 'B'. Now, the H1b transfer with Employer 'C' also resulted in RFE asking the original H1 Amendment RFE to be replied. As she is already on the payroll of Employer 'C', her Employer 'B' did not reply H1B Amendment RFE. The advocate from Employer 'C' replied the H1 transfer RFE but we are not very confident if it gets approved. I would like to know what are the options left for my wife to stay in US? I am on H1b so she can get H4 approved. If H1 transfer from Employer 'C' gets rejected, will she be able to do change of status from h1 to h4 while in US?or she needs to go back to India and apply a new H4 and travel once it is approved?
  8. 1. Please suggest me, if any one recently transferred their petition to new employer while amendment is in progress? My wife's H1b transferred to new employer while amendement went to RFE. 2. Got any RFE ? H1b transfer got RFE saying either amendment needs to be approved or RFE needs to be replied. 3. was it premium or normal? Premimum 4. Any other problems faced? Asked so many docs to prove the relationship between employer and end client. She has already provided her client letter but still asked to prove employer-client relationship. 5. If go with the receipt number later transfer rejects, what would be my situation? Not sure. Attorney replied and RFE and waiting for the status.
  9. My Wife has H1B stamping till end of 2017. Recently her employer moved their H1B to a different employer and they filed for H1B amendment 4 month ago. However her VISA amendment is still under process . We are planning to visit India end of January.We will return from India in end of February. I doubt if her H1B amendement will be approved by that time as I have seen lot of people waiting for more than 6 months. I would like to know if She is good to re enter US with her old I 797 and Visa stamping?
  10. pachhu44

    Employer under VISA fraud

    Hello Friends, I just heard that my employer was charged under some Visa fraud and I am not getting enough infomration from our HR. I am currently on H1 B Visa . I would like to switch the employer however finding a new job and H1B transfer will take some time. Is it ok or legal to stay under my current employer till I get new job and my visa is transffered? Thanks, prashant
  11. Hello Guys, Please let me know if anyone booked visa appointment for 10th November. We can look for Shared accomodation. Thanks, Prashant
  12. I think we should pay for taxes in the state where we work. So if your LCA is filed from state A, ideally your payroll should be running from the sam state. I am not sure how it works with OPT.Even if you show your latest payrolls with the state where you work , VO can determine that you paid taxes in different state by looking at your last year W2. I don't know if its a good answer to say that you were working from Employer location to this client and later moved to the client location and show your latest payrolls. PS: I have friends who have gone to visa stamping with the above problem but managed to get the VISA stamping done.So it all depends on our luck :)
  13. I have similar issue and I am going for stamping this month :)
  14. pachhu44

    Any one stamping on Nov 19 & Dec 1 (Jamaica).

    Sorry Guys. I have Rescheduled my appointment to 27 October. All the best.