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  1. pachhu44

    Travelling to Cancun (Mexico) on Expired Visa stamping

    @krishna1954 : Thats right. My H1 B stamping is expired in Passport and traveled with Valid I797. @usf1opt: I am not sure how it works for International waters. But in my situation I flew from Dallas to Mexico. My H1b stamping was expired however I had valid I797 for re entry. AVR process works only for Mexico and Canada. As we don't have valid stamping in passport, we need to get Mexico stamping at any of their consulates. We need to show our valid I797 and supporting financial documents (Paystubs, employer letters etc) to obtain Mexico Visa. Its a simple process and takes either 1 or 2 days to get the stamping done.
  2. Hi Pachhu44, I read your last post that you travelled to Mexico and returned US without stamping on AVR. Thanks for sharing your experience. Can you please let me know if you had to apply for Mexico tourist visa. What was the experience on immigration counter in Mexico?

  3. pachhu44

    Travelling to Cancun (Mexico) on Expired Visa stamping

    Hello Guys.. I just want to give an update about my recent travel.. I have been to Cancun , Mexico and returned to US without any issues. My port of entry was in Dallas and the immigration officer asked me if I am re validating my Visa and I said Yes. He just checked my I 94 and approved my port of entry. Now I am planning to use the re validation for Canada for Niagara Falls trip. Anyone on H1B planning to have a short vacation in Canada or Mexico (30 days or less) with valid I94 ,please go ahead.
  4. pachhu44

    Travelling to Cancun (Mexico) on Expired Visa stamping

    Thank you very much for posting your experience.
  5. pachhu44

    Automatic Visa Re-validation

    I am not sure if I am allowed to post the links from other website. I found below links on another forum where few users have posted their recent experience with AVR: https://www.canadavisa.com/canada-immigration-discussion-board/threads/short-landing-experience-us-canada-by-road-no-h1b-stamping.556198/ https://www.canadavisa.com/canada-immigration-discussion-board/threads/h1b-visa-to-expire-in-july-2018-but-have-to-enter-and-exit-canada-before-sept-2018.537607/
  6. pachhu44

    Travelling to Cancun (Mexico) on Expired Visa stamping

    I do see that Murthy Law firm published an article on 26th March 2018 which explains the process of AVR. At this point of time, I feel positive about AVR process. I would be even more confident if someone used AVR recently can post their experience. It will be helpful for lot of people who are stuck in US who wants to visit locations in Canada and Mexico. https://www.murthy.com/2018/03/26/contiguous-territory-rule-permits-reentry-from-canada-or-mexico-2/
  7. pachhu44

    Automatic Visa Re-validation

    I am planning to visit Mexico (Cancun) with AVR in December. May I know your travel date? If you travel earlier than me, please do leave your experience. I will do the same after I return so that it will be useful for other folks who are planning to use AVR. Thanks, Prash
  8. pachhu44

    Travelling to Cancun (Mexico) on Expired Visa stamping

    Thank you. I didn't understand your answer. I am not planning to go for stamping rather I am going to cancun for vacation.
  9. pachhu44

    Travelling to Cancun (Mexico) on Expired Visa stamping

    Thank you. I am planning to get mexico visa in Dallas. Do you think I can get in to trouble with AVR?
  10. pachhu44

    Travelling to Cancun (Mexico) on Expired Visa stamping

    Thank you for replying. https://help.cbp.gov/app/answers/detail/a_id/1218/~/automatic-revalidation-for-certain-temporary-visitors I think the wording is little tricky to undertand. As per my understanding, H1 visa holders are eligible for AVR as long as they hold valid I797 (expired stamping) provided they return within 30 days from candaya/mexico. I think the reason they mentioned F and J visa is for adjacent islands. F and J visa holders can additionally visit Adjacent Island except Cuba with AVR however H1 b holders cannot do the same. Please let me know if my understanding is correct.
  11. pachhu44

    Travelling to Cancun (Mexico) on Expired Visa stamping

    Thank you :) I am planning to go to Cancun so I am assuming I need to get Mexican Visa at a US consulate in Dallas. Also, automatic re validation should be fine if I I have valid H1B approval even though I do not have stamping on my Passport?
  12. Hello Friends, I live in Dallas, TX and am planning to visit Cancun (Mexico) for a week in December 2018. I currently hold valid H1B (I797) until Sep 2020 however my H1B stamping on Passport is expired. I read from various forums that I can re enter US with expired H1B stamping as long as we have valid I797 using Automatic re-validation rule. I would like to know if anyone tried this process recently from either Mexico or Canada and is there any risk associated ? As I do not have Valid Visa stamping on my Indian passport, Do I need to obtain Mexican Visa? If I need to obtain Mexican Visa, where do I apply for it? Is it in the nearest Mexican consulate or will it be on arrival visa in mexico? I read lot of articles around this and could not get proper information. One of my cousins also interested to travel along with us who entered US on F1 Visa and changed to H1b this October. So he has F1 Visa stamping on his Indian passport and approved I 797 with him. Does the automatic re-validation Visa rule apply to him or he need to go for H1 B stamping? Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thaks, Prash
  13. pachhu44

    H1B - Work From Home

    Hello Friends, I work on EVC model and my current H1b is valid until Sep 2017 with primary location as MN (Client location where I work). My wife got a job in Texas and we are planning to move there completely. When I discussed with my client, they are ok if I work from Home in Texas. My employer filed for my H1b extension with 3 locations MN (Client Location), MI (Employer Location) and TX (Work from Home Location) in the LCA. I have also obtained a client letter mentioning I will be primarily working from Home in TX and client location is MN. As I will be working Primarily from Texas and sometimes I travel to client location, Could you please let me know if my payroll should run in state of MN or TX? Also Could you please let me know if USCIS accept Work from Home or will there be any issues with my H1b extension? Thanks, Prashant
  14. pachhu44

    Employer under VISA fraud

    Thanks for the suggestions guys. H1b is transferred to a new employer successfully.
  15. pachhu44

    Travelling to India with H1 Amendement under process

    Update: We entered through Dallas port of entry and no questions asked about Amendment. It was pretty smooth.