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  1. freedom82

    Incorrect info in DS 160

    Thanks 02112018. Your reply calmed me but I have one more question. The payment I made before scheduling the PAI was against the old DS 160. Will it be updated automatically or do I need to inform anyone explicitly.
  2. freedom82

    Incorrect info in DS 160

    Hi, I have my visa interview next week and just realized the passport expiration date in DS 160 was in correct. Based on advice from the immigration dept in my company, I have redone by DS 160 and have the new application with me. I am worried if this is a common occurrence or should I be worried. Do I need to inform anyone in the biometric or the visa officer on the change. Please advice Thanks, RG
  3. Hi, I joined a consultant in 2011 in CA. I had signed a non-competing with my consultant for $30,000. I have now moved to MA and am working for the same consultant. Now, my client have offered me a full time oppty. I am afraid that my current employer may ask the liquidity fee for $30,000. Please let me know if I should be paying the fee if it is legally binding and what are my options Thanks, R
  4. Hi, I am having my visa interview in Chennai. I worked for Company A in TX 2 years ago and now I work for company B in NY. I file my taxes with a consultant and he filed my last 2 year taxes under TX. TX does not have state taxes but NY has so in short I have not paid state taxes for 2 years. I am worried if that will be a problem during the visa interview if the VO asks for my tax return document. While my W2 states my NY address the tax return document has NY address. Will this be a problem for me? Someone please advice what I should do. Thanks, FR
  5. freedom82

    L1B stamping in Canada

    Hi, Can someone tell me the L1B stamping approval rates in canada . I have heard it's good. Anybody got stamping in Canada recently? If so can you tell me what was asked.
  6. freedom82

    Attorney fee for H1B

    My H1B consultant is asking me to pay the attorney fee for H1B premium processing since I am no longer interested in joining him. Is it legal for him to ask me to pay for it?
  7. freedom82

    H1B consultant asking for more money

    Thanks for your response .. The employer is asking me the attorney fees since I did not join him. Can you please confirm that I need not reimburse him that amount as well and can he take legal option against me.
  8. Hi, I am currently in L1. I had applied for an H1 in premium through a consultant and got it approved without a change in status. I had paid $1250 for the premium processing. However now I have decided to continue with current employer and not to switch to H1. However the H1 consultant is now asking me $6000 since I did not join and he did premium processing on my behalf. Is this valid? Do I need to pay him $6000. Please let me know at the earliest,