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    Visitor visa question for unmarried sister

    Thanks for your response. Before that I do have some more questions based on your response. As I am interested in applying for immigrant visa later for my sister... 1. If I apply for visitor visa now and if it gets rejected again, does that anyway effect her immigration visa later? 2. What are the chances of getting immigration even if it takes longer? Mine and my husband's immigration background is pretty much straight forward. Came on H1, filed for GC, applying for citizenship. No fraud anywhere in the immigration process. 3. How do I approach Murthy Law firm in chennai? As my sister lives in Hyderabad, AP, chennai firm can help them or you have one in Hyderabad too? If she approaches chennai firm, does she need to go for visa also to chennai? Thanks Lakshmi
  2. Hi All, I want to bring my sister to USA on visitor visa. She is just 44 and unmarried and working in a small firm as office administrator. She has Master's degree. The biggest disadvantage is unmarried due to health reasons from childhood. As she has not enjoyed her life in any angle so far, I just want her to visit USA and show her all the places for a period of two months or so. It just gives me some satisfaction me as a sister. Coming to my status here. I recently applied for citizenship and have an interview next month in March. I am sure she will be returning back due to all the above reasons. Anyways I am going to sponsor her for immigration later. As it is a long process before that I just want her to visit once. If I apply for immigration now, I heard it is definitely NO for her visitor visa till her immigration visa is in pending status. Keeping all above points in mind, I just want to try for her visitor visa as a last trial. Her visa was rejected 8 to 9 years ago once. That time she was working as a teacher. She is not even tax payer as her salary is not that high that she needs to pay income tax. I need some advice on best possible document to increase her chances of getting visa. Following are few suggestions I heard from friends. Calling her for some family function or celebration in USA. I have young kids, so other than birthday I cannot have any other big occassion. Taking interview in Telugu ( I do not have any idea how this creates more chances) Keeping some funds on her name ( Can we transfer funds on her name temporarily) She has a letter from my father that her property belongs to her but it is not really notarized or fully registered as we have one more brother living in India. Getting a letter from Congressman ( why will he help me is the question for me here) Any kind of experiences or advice is very much appreciated. Thanks Lakshmi